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E.A.T. (Energy as Truth): Food for the Thoughtful.

E.A.T. (Energy as Truth): Food for the Thoughtful.


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ISBN10: 0228829836
ISBN13: 9780228829836
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Published: Aug 24 2020
Pages: 242
Weight: 1.05
Height: 0.56 Width: 6.00 Depth: 9.00
Language: English

E.A.T. (Energy as Truth) is a conversation-changer, a highly engaging handbook for becoming well, and reconnecting to what would be beneficial for us in a post-pandemic world. Shanks' unique style-likened to Omnivore's Dilemma meets The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying-inspires unusual dots to connect, making a compelling observation that it is vibrational illiteracy that is behind our confusion over what is good for us to eat. How we might truly nourish ourselves on all fronts going forward is this book's reason for being. Using food as a metaphor for what we are willing to take in, the reader is offered an empowering perspective to help find clarity in the contradictory waters of what is deemed healthy. Merging her knowledge as both teacher and practitioner of energy medicine with her love of all things culinary, Shanks vividly explains what it means to be vibrational in nature. She outlines what the challenging ramifications are of having been disconnected from this innate nature of ours, while she alludes to the exceptional future that awaits as we begin to understand the innermost workings of vibrational mastery, and act according to its tenets. Going well beyond current how to raise your vibration instruction, captivating explanations about how vibration works individually, and collectively in concert with all, are thought-provoking in their careful details. All sentient beings-even seemingly non-sentient things-take on fluctuating energetic qualities that directly match their treatment. Since we are all interconnected, these qualities flavor our shared experiences, affecting us in ways that we may have not yet considered. In our collective unconsciousness we have simply forgotten this truth. If we are wise we'll remember, as E.A.T. provides a bounty of new reasons for making new choices for the good of all.

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