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Shameless: A Sexual Reformation
"Nothing gives church folk anxiety quite like the subject of sex. And that's why in Shameless, Pastor Nadia sets out to reclaim the conversation for a new generation. In the spirit of Martin Luther, Bolz-Weber calls for a reformation of the way believersunderstand and express their sexuality. To make her case, Bolz-Weber draws on experiences from her own life as well as her parishoners', then puts them side by side with biblical narrative and theology to explore what the church has taught and about sex,and the harm that has often come as a result. Along the way, Bolz-Weber reexamines patriarchy, gender, and sexual orientation with candor but also with hope--because, as she writes, "I believe that the Gospel can heal the pain that even the church has caused." As with her previous books, Bolz-Weber offers an honest, affirming and intellectually robust experience on the pages that speak to skeptic and believer alike"--

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Vacuum in the Dark
A young house cleaner in New Mexico balances a bad, junkie boyfriend with a bad, unstable boyfriend who happens to be married to one of her clients as she embarks on an eccentric journey of self-discovery and redemption.

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América: The Epic Story of Spanish North America, 1493-1898
An epic history of the Spanish empire in North America from 1493 to 1898 by Robert Goodwin, author of Spain: The Centre of the World. At the conclusion of the American Revolution, half the modern United States was part of the vast Spanish Empire. The year after Columbus's great voyage of discovery, in 1492, he claimed Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands for Spain. For the next three hundred years, thousands of proud Spanish conquistadors and their largely forgotten Mexican allies went in search of glory and riches from Florida to California. Many died, few triumphed. Some were cruel, some were curious, some were kind. Missionaries and priests yearned to harvest Indian souls for God through baptism and Christian teaching. Theirs was a frontier world which Spain struggled to control in the face of Indian resistance and competition from France, Britain, and finally the United States. In the 1800s, Spain lost it all. Goodwin tells this history through the lives of the people who made it happen and the literature and art with which they celebrated their successes and mourned their failures. He weaves an epic tapestry from these intimate biographies of explorers and conquerors, like Columbus and Coronado, but also lesser known characters, like the powerful Gvez family who gave invaluable and largely forgotten support to the American Patriots during the Revolutionary War; the great Pueblo leader Popay; and Esteban, the first documented African American. Like characters in a great play or a novel, Goodwin's protagonists walk the stage of history with heroism and brio and much tragedy.

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Reclaiming Our Space: How Black Feminists Are Changing the World from the Tweets to the Streets
The activist, cultural commentator and award-winning author of Push the Button traces the rise of an intersectional, sociopolitical resistance movement to explore how today's black feminists are having a transformative influence in media, entertainment and politics. (social science). Original. (This book was also included in the December 2018 issue of Forecast.)

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Binstead's Safari
Millie, an insecure woman and the neglected wife of an academic, becomes transformed upon her arrival in Africa, as the couple moves deeper into the country in search of lion myths.

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On Drinking
Collects the booze-themed works of one of America

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