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V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta
Paperback      ISBN: 0930289528
In a near-future Britain ruled by a totalitarian regime, Evey is rescued from certain death by a masked vigilante calling himself "V," a beguiling and charismatic figure who launches a one-man crusade against government tyranny and oppression.
Beg the Question
Beg the Question
Hardcover      ISBN: 1560975024
Rob Hoffman and Sylvia Fanucci, lovers living in New York City, lead somewhat complicated lives as they deal with the perils of apartment hunting, accidental pregnancy, the talk of marriage, and dead-end jobs.

The Sandman Library 2: The Doll's House
The Sandman Library 2
The Doll's House
Hardcover      ISBN: 1563892251
The Sandman 1: Preludes & Nocturnes
The Sandman 1
Preludes & Nocturnes
Paperback      ISBN: 1563890119
An attempt to summon and imprison Death, results, instead, in the capture of Morpheus, the Sandman, who must regain the tools of his powers.
Bone 2: The Great Cow Race
Bone 2
The Great Cow Race
Paperback      ISBN: 0963660950
The Third Garfield Fat Cat 3-Pack
The Third Garfield Fat Cat 3-Pack
Paperback      ISBN: 0345394933
Collects comic strips featuring the famous feline with an appetite for lasagna
Being a Dog Is a Full-Time Job
Being a Dog Is a Full-Time Job
Paperback      ISBN: 0836217462
Snoopy invites his ugly brother, Olaf, to compete in an ugly dog contest, Charlie Brown plays baseball, and Peppermint Patty goes to summer school
From Girls to Grrrlz: A History of Women's Comics from Teens to Zines
From Girls to Grrrlz
A History of Women's Comics from Teens to Zines
Paperback      ISBN: 0811821994
Chronicles more than fifty years of girl comics, paying tribute to the authors, artists, characters, and trends that made them popular.
Scientific Progress Goes
Scientific Progress Goes "Boink"
A Calvin and Hobbes Collection
Paperback      ISBN: 0836218787
Cartoons follow the adventures of imaginative young Calvin and his stuffed tiger, Hobbes, as they cope with bullies, babysitters, and the other everyday problems of growing up
Transmetropolitan: Back on the Street
Back on the Street
Paperback      ISBN: 1563894459