The Tobacconist Handbook: An Essential Guide to Cigars & Pipes

The Tobacconist Handbook

An Essential Guide to Cigars & Pipes

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ISBN10: 1510752129 ISBN13: 9781510752122 Publisher: Skyhorse Pub Co Inc Published: Jun 16 2020 Pages: 216 Height: 8.25" Width: 5.50" Language: English

Publisher's Comments
Learn the ins and outs of luxury tobacco use, from cigars, pipes, and more

As we live in the "golden age of cigar making," there is more to know and appreciate than ever before.

Great cigars and pipe tobaccos take years to grow, nurture, age, blend, and construct, yet their destiny is to return to dust; it is an extraordinary transformational and artistic journey that yields priceless moments and memories for the aficionado. But where do things begin? Where to start?

From Jorge Armenteros, founder of Tobacconist University(R), you will learn everything you want and need to know about cigars and pipes. From seed to cigar, Armenteros will teach not only the history of tobacco, but what the future holds.

The Tobacconist Handbook exists as a resource for lovers of luxury tobacco to enhance our knowledge, appreciation, and quality of life.

Included in this handbook are numerous important lessons, including:
  • Learning the different types of tobacco
  • Which cigar best suits you
  • How to taste luxury tobacco
  • Making the perfect cut
  • Setting up a humidor
  • And much more

Great cigars and pipes help us ruminate, decompress, gather our thoughts and emotions, revitalize ourselves, and savor our time. Furthermore, through education you will learn that luxury tobacco products are used by choice and not out of habit. They are products created by great craftsmen and women who honor thousands of years of traditions and history.

Whether you're a seasoned smoker or someone looking to learn more about the history and becoming a cigar aficionado, The Tobacconist Handbook is the perfect place to start.
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