Lord Jim

Lord Jim

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ISBN10: 1544087292 ISBN13: 9781544087290 Publisher: Createspace Indie Pub Platform Published: Mar 16 2017 Pages: 308 Height: 9.00" Width: 6.00" Depth: 0.70" Language: English

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When this novel first appeared in book form a notion got about that I had been bolted away with. Some reviewers maintained that the work starting as a short story had got beyond the writer's control. One or two discovered internal evidence of the fact, which seemed to amuse them. They pointed out the limitations of the narrative form. They argued that no man could have been expected to talk all that time, and other men to listen so long. It was not, they said, very credible. After thinking it over for something like sixteen years, I am not so sure about that. Men have been known, both in the tropics and in the temperate zone, to sit up half the night 'swapping yarns'.

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