Songs of Kabir

Songs of Kabir

By Kabir
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The poet Kab r, a selection from whose songs is here for the first time offered to English readers, is one of the most interesting personalities in the history of Indian mysticism. Born in or near Benares, of Mohammedan parents, and probably about the year 1440, be became in early life a disciple of the celebrated Hindu ascetic R m nanda. R m nanda had brought to Northern India the religious revival which R m nuja, the great twelfth-century reformer of Br hmanism, had initiated in the South. This revival was in part a reaction against the increasing formalism of the orthodox cult, in part an assertion of the demands of the heart as against the intense intellectualism of the Ved nta philosophy, the exaggerated monism which that philosophy proclaimed. It took in R m nuja's preaching the form of an ardent personal devotion to the God Vishnu, as representing the personal aspect of the Divine Nature: that mystical "religion of love" which everywhere makes its appearance at a certain level of spiritual culture, and which creeds and philosophies are powerless to kill.

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