Lord Jim Joseph Conrad

Lord Jim Joseph Conrad

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ISBN10: 1450506755 ISBN13: 9781450506755 Contributors: Conrad, Joseph Publisher: Createspace Indie Pub Platform Published: Jan 15 2010 Pages: 256 Weight: 1.20lbs. Height: 10.25" Width: 7.25" Depth: 0.50" Language: English

Publisher's Comments

The novel is in two main parts, firstly Jim's lapse aboard the Patna and his consequent fall, and secondly an adventure story about Jim's rise and the tale's denouement amongst the people of Patusan - set in the Indonesian archipelago. The main themes surround young Jim's potential ("...he was one of us", says the narrator, Marlow) thus sharpening the drama and tragedy of his fall, his subsequent struggle to redeem himself, and Conrad's further hints that personal character flaws will almost certainly emerge given an appropriate catalyst. Conrad, speaking through his character Stein, called Jim a romantic figure, and indeed Lord Jim is arguably Conrad's most romantic novel. In addition to the lyricism and beauty of Conrad's descriptive writing, the novel is remarkable for its sophisticated structure. The bulk of the novel is told in the form of a story recited by the character Marlow to a group of listeners, and the conclusion is presented in the form of a letter from Marlow. Within Marlow's narration, other characters also tell their own stories in nested dialogue. Thus, events in the novel are described from several view points, and often out of chronological order. (wikipedia)

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