Your Life As Art

Your Life As Art

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ISBN10: 0972553606 ISBN13: 9780972553605 Publisher: Robert Fritz Inc Published: Dec 1 2002 Pages: 240 Edition: 1st Edition Language: English

Publisher's Comments

This book is about creating your life just as the artist creates a painting, a composer writes a symphony, or the poet writes a poem. Robert Fritz further develops his special insights that he introduced in his best selling book The Path of Least Resistance. In Your Life As Art, Fritz shows the relationship among the mechanics, the orientation, and the depth of the human spirit within the creative process, and how your life itself can be made like a work of art. Your Life As Art breaks new ground, shakes up the status quo, and, at once, is common sense and revolutionary insight that can change the way you understand the dynamics of your life-building process.

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