A Chinese Character a Day Practice Pad Volume 2: (hsk Level 3)

A Chinese Character a Day Practice Pad Volume 2

(hsk Level 3)

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ISBN10: 0804845840 ISBN13: 9780804845847 Publisher: Tuttle Pub Published: Nov 8 2016 Weight: 1.10lbs. Height: 5.75" Width: 5.50" Depth: 1.25" Language: English

Publisher's Comments
This calendar-like practice pad allows you to effectively practice Chinese characters and learn a year's worth of characters in just minutes a day.

Although more people are studying the Chinese language than ever before, others are still wary of starting because they believe, it's too difficult. But A Chinese Character A Day, Volume 2 will show beginner to intermediate students that learning Mandarin Chinese characters is highly manageable when absorbed in small doses. It will help intermediate and advanced Chinese learners review and improve upon their past studies and practice written Chinese every day. Chinese characters (hanzi) are fascinating pictographic symbols that each have a specific meaning. After a few weeks of gradual progress your ability to read Chinese, write Chinese and pronounce Chinese will grow tremendously.

This calendar like desk companion starts with the most basic Chinese characters and builds upon itself, one day at a time. For easy reference and review, a booklet listing the 365 Chinese characters is included. Each of the 365 pages contains these six components:
  1. The featured Chinese character.
  2. The English meaning.
  3. The romanized Chinese (hanyu pinyin) pronunciation.
  4. Related compounds with their meanings and pronunciations.
  5. Stroke-order diagrams.
  6. 28 practice squares.
To get started with A Chinese Character a Day, turn to Day One and begin by studying the character, its readings, meanings and sample compounds. Then tear off the sheet and, using the stroke-order guide, practice writing the character in the spaces provided. In a matter of days, you'll be on your way to reading and writing Chinese with ease
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