The Bronze Age in Europe

The Bronze Age in Europe

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ISBN10: 0500301018 ISBN13: 9780500301012 Contributors: Eluere, Christiane Publisher: Gardners Books Published: Nov 1 2000 Pages: 160

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Archaeologists date the Bronze Age in Europe from about the 5th to the last millennium BC. That span of time saw dramatic changes in civilizations from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea, and from Scandinavia to the Aegean. The discovery of Bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, was a remarkable technological development, permitting the casting of much stronger tools and weapons. Across Europe, the people of the Bronze Age forged metal and traded its products, raised monolithic standing stones, practised similar funerary and religious rites, and decorated their products with the same motifs and symbols. From Cretan palaces to Swiss lakeside dwellings, a common culture arose. In this text the authors explore the story of the Bronze Age, tracing it back beyond the borders of history.

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