Incendiary: The Psychiatrist, the Mad Bomber, and the Invention of Criminal Profiling


The Psychiatrist, the Mad Bomber, and the Invention of Criminal Profiling

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Long before the specter of terrorism haunted the public imagination, a serial bomber stalked the streets of 1950s New York. In Incendiary, Michael Cannell recounts the thrilling race to catch him that would give birth to a new science called criminal profiling.

Grand Central, Penn Station, Radio City Music Hall--for almost two decades, no place was safe from the man who signed his anonymous letters "FP" and left his lethal devices in phone booths, storage lockers, even tucked into the plush seats of movie theaters. His victims were left cruelly maimed. Tabloids called him "the greatest individual menace New York City ever faced."

In desperation, Police Captain Howard Finney sought the help of a little known psychiatrist, Dr. James Brussel, whose expertise was the criminal mind. Examining crime scene evidence and the strange wording in the bomber's letters, he compiled a portrait of the suspect down to the cut of his jacket. But how to put a name to the description? Seymour Berkson--a handsome New York socialite, prot g of William Randolph Hearst, and publisher of the tabloid The Journal-American--joined in pursuit of the Mad Bomber. The three men hatched a brilliant scheme to catch him at his own game. Together, they would capture a monster and change the face of American law enforcement.

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