Tampere Raw: Clarinet & Piano, Part(s)

Tampere Raw

Clarinet & Piano, Part(s)


ISBN10: 0571539726 ISBN13: 9780571539727 Publisher: Faber & Faber Published: Aug 1 2017 Language: English

Publisher's Comments

The music of Anders Hillborg's virtuosic Tampere Raw for clarinet and piano alternates between two vividly different characters: one slowly flowing texture, composed completely intuitively, and one fast, fiercely rhythmical and pulsative texture, where the tone material for the most part is generated from permutations of prime-number series.

A thrilling addition to the repertoire, this seven-minute work was commissioned by the Swedish Royal Academy of Music in 1991 for Swedish musicians Martin Fr st and Roland P ntinen, who later recorded it on BIS records.
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