Baby Bites

Baby Bites

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ISBN10: 0684040034 ISBN13: 9780684040035 Publisher: Meadowbrook Pr Published: Jul 1 2007 Pages: 370 Weight: 1.20lbs. Height: 9.00" Width: 6.75" Depth: 0.75" Language: English

Publisher's Comments
Bridget Swinney tells parents everything they need to know about feeding babies and toddlers all in one book. This nutritional guide and recipe book includes information on breastfeeding, formula-feeding, purees, and table foods. Baby Bites is the most comprehensive baby nutritional book on the market, delivering practical nutrition tips and great recipes just like Swinney's two previous books, Eating Expectantly and Healthy Food for Healthy Kids.

Finally, it's all in one book Parents used to need an entire bookshelf to feed one baby and now everything you need to know about feeding your infant and toddler is available in one book. This unique book -- part nutritional guide, part recipe book -- helps parents understand their baby's nutritional needs and prepare tasty food that encourages healthy eating habits. This helpful guide includes:

-Detailed information on both breastfeeding and formula-feeding
-A chapter explaining how a baby's digestion works, including tips for dealing with digestive challenges like illness, allergies, intolerances, and reflux
-Steps parents can take to keep their baby's food safe
-Tips to help caregivers maintain baby's healthy diet when parents return to work
-"Nutrition 101" for parents -- everything they need to know about a baby's nutritional needs
-Advice on starting solid foods, including recognizing readiness, introducing new foods and textures, and keeping mealtimes positive
-How to make your own baby food
-Comprehensive information and advice organized by stages of a baby's development
-Nutrition and feeding strategies for parents
-Recipe ideas for finger and table foods your toddler will love
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