The Brotherhood: Inside the Secret World of the Freemasons

The Brotherhood

Inside the Secret World of the Freemasons

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The Freemasons are the world's best-known fraternity. Famous for their secretive nature and impressive roster of historical members, they are often regarded as a sinister force operating behind the scenes. Some dismiss them as a group of old men who dress up to play games and indulge in a convivial dinner. Others believe they are a corrupting network of avid nepotists and political dabblers, pulling society's strings for their own dark ends. This is a long way from the Order's original reputation as a force of enlightenment, social responsibility, and scientific awareness. Behind the rumors, hearsay, and facade of secrecy, Freemasonry resonates with a beautiful tradition of philosophical symbolism. The journey through the degrees of Masonry is the journey through life itself. Written by the grandson of a very high-ranking Mason, The Brotherhood is a fascinating look inside an enigmatic institution. Starting with the visible structure of international Freemasonry and the myths and legends that surround it, the book moves on to examine the true meaning of Freemasonry--its mythological and real history, its social context, and the symbolism and philosophy that illuminates every aspect of the Craft, with a look at the current state of Freemasonry today.

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