Grain of Truth: Why Eating Wheat Can Improve Your Health

Grain of Truth

Why Eating Wheat Can Improve Your Health

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A mouth-watering way to break free from anti-gluten hysteria and enjoy great grains again Is wheat really the new asbestos? Does eating it in any form jeopardize your health and impair your brain functions? That’s the dire message from mega-sellers likeGrain Brain and Wheat Belly, and that’s why the gluten-free industry now reaps billions of dollars every year. But when his wife surprises him by suddenly eliminating gluten from her diet, investigative journalist Stephen Yafa takes that as an incentive to delve deep into this latest food fad. He comes away many months later with a completely different conclusion: whole wheat and other whole grains, he discovers, extend our lifespan and lower the risk of serious heart disease. In fact, they’re one of the best sources of fiber needed to feed our probiotic gut bacteria. But what about Big Bad Gluten? Scientists who run clinical studies show him how the negative effects of wheat gluten can be neutralized for almost all of us. When wheat is correctly processed through long fermentation, they say, that method cuts gluten down to size. Literally. Natural fermentation breaks down these bulky proteins into tiny fragments for easy digestion, while slowing the conversion rate of starch to sugar. Grain of Truth brings this important new information into a debate dominated by alarmist anti-wheat authors who leave out the most crucial point—it’s the processing method, not the wheat seed itself, that makes all the difference! By helping us to find the healthiest sources of artisan-made, long-fermented whole grain, Yafa gives us back our delicious daily bread—the crunchy, chewy, real thing. If you’ve been afraid to eat wheat, he shows you a way to refresh your palate and befriend your gut without fear. Separating fact from fad, Yafa challenges many common myths: a gluten-free diet doesn’t lead to weight loss for most of us; it isn’t healthier; gluten isn’t addictive; there is no GMO wheat; and modern hybrid wheat has not been manipulated to contain health-risk components. In all, Grain of Truth offers a long-overdue objective, thoroughly researched response to anti-wheat hysteria— and it’s entertaining as well. When Yafa attempts to bake his first sourdough at home, anyone who’s transformed their kitchen into a soggy, chaotic, messy disaster-zone while trying a new recipe will immediately relate to his misdirected efforts. His revealing book sets the record straight, breaking down the botany of the wheat plant we’ve hijacked for our own use, the science of nutrition and digestion, and the damaging effects of mass production—all to point us toward a better, richer diet by offering a healthy, delicious alternative. For readers of Salt Sugar Fat and The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Grain of Truth smoothly blends science, history, biology, economics, and nutrition to give us back our daily bread.

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