The Abbot, the Parrot and the Bermuda Bowl

The Abbot, the Parrot and the Bermuda Bowl

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ISBN10: 1474600786 ISBN13: 9781474600781 Publisher: Peter Crawley Published: May 3 2016 Pages: 144 Weight: 0.32lbs. Height: 8.00" Width: 5.00" Depth: 0.25" Language: English

Publisher's Comments

In this book, the pompous and self-important Abbot spots a chance to take part in that Holy Grail of Bridge - the Bermuda Bowl world championships. Casting all ethics aside, he pursues this dream. Partnered by the Parrot, with the Witchdoctor, Mbozi, Mrs Okoku and Miss Nabooba as team-mates, he travels to India's Chennai and faces many of the world's real-life players.

Regular followers of David Bird's work will know what to expect - a first-rate mixture of amazing bridge, entertaining characters and sparkling dialogue.

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