Inuyasha 6

Inuyasha 6

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ISBN10: 1591160537 ISBN13: 9781591160533 Publisher: Viz Published: Oct 1 2003 Pages: 192 Weight: 0.10lbs. Height: 7.50" Width: 5.00" Depth: 0.50" Edition: 2nd Edition Language: English

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Series Description: Japanese schoolgirl Kagome stumbles into an ancient well and falls back to 16th century Japan. There she becomes the protector of a feudal village, the master -- and friend -- of Inu-Yasha, a hot-tempered half-demon dog boy; and the caretaker of the magical Shikon jewel that holds back the demonic forces of the past Kikyo, the killer of Inu-Yasha in the distant past, is distraught from the shock of being resurrected, and she must make a decision -- whether to return to death for Kagome's sake or hold onto her second chance at life. Meanwhile, a Buddhist priest named Miroku encounters Kagome and Inu-Yasha just in time to help them battle an artist whose Shikon-enhanced power makes what he paints come to life

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