Afrique: A Warning for America


A Warning for America

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ISBN10: 0981865909 ISBN13: 9780981865904 Contributors: Zinni, Anthony C. (Foreword) Publisher: Posterity Pr Published: Sep 1 2015 Pages: 436 Weight: 1.40lbs. Height: 8.25" Width: 5.50" Depth: 1.25" Language: English

Publisher's Comments

Afrique is mostly about saving the 54 countries in Africa, but it should also enhance U.S. security. America's current deluge of internal problems cannot all have been self-inflicted, yet many still believe: (1) al-Qaeda and ISIS to be her only foes; (2) her intelligence agencies to see every threat coming; and (3) her military to be the best in the world at all things. This book reveals how completely Africa has now been subverted. Not only have Muslim expansionists been successful there, but also those from the People s Republic of China (PRC). Then, Afrique talks about how the U.S. military could more effectively quell the takeover. Finally, it briefly addresses similar incursions on U.S. soil. Heavily illustrated and footnoted, this book contains a spellbinding account of how China has come to economically and then politically dominate much of the Dark Continent. But, not all of this PRC influence has been strictly peaceful. Within the eastern border of the Chinese-supported Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the genocide against Tutsis from 1994 Rwanda is still going on. Between 1998 and 2008, some 5.4 million DRC citizens lost their lives to “inter-factional fighting

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