Faith-Based Management: Leading Organizations That Are Based on More Than Just Mission

Faith-Based Management

Leading Organizations That Are Based on More Than Just Mission

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ISBN10: 0471315443 ISBN13: 9780471315445 Contributors: Brinckerho Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc Published: Sep 10 1999 Pages: 250 Weight: 1.35lbs. Height: 9.75" Width: 6.50" Depth: 1.25" Language: English

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The First and Only Complete Guide to Successfully ManagingFaith-Based Organizations Faith-Based Management Written by aleading international expert on faith-based management, this bookdescribes proven management strategies and techniques developed atsome of the world's most successful places of worship andfaith-based service organizations. It also supplies you with acomplete action plan for quickly implementing them in yourorganization. Peter Brinckerhoff begins by exploring the uniquechallenges faced by managers of faith-based organizations. He thenidentifies the seven key characteristics of a successfulfaith-based organization and provides you with clear, easy-to-follow guidelines on how to:
* Assess and examine your organization's strengths andweaknesses
* Clearly define staff roles and responsibilities
* Delegate, evaluate, discipline, and motivate paid staff
* Find, train, motivate, and hold on to top-notch volunteers
* Generate budgets and financial reports and implement financialcontrols
* Improve your leadership skills
* Conduct sophisticated, cost-effective marketing compaigns thatwork
* Create strategic, business, and marketing plans
Brinckerhoff has captured the essence of faith-based management inhis latest book. He has successfully integrated proven managementconcepts and ideas with the spiritual mission that distinguishesfaith-based organizations. A must-read for volunteers and staff.--Dana R. Todsen, ACFRE President and CEO Baptist HealthFoundation, Inc. Birmingham, Alabama Faith-Based Management is aconcise, accurate, and practical book. It will be a very helpfulresource for leaders who are trying to unite faith and mission intoday's world. --The Reverend Dr. John R. Buzza Hope PresbyterianChurch and Community Ministry Center Springfield, IllinoisFaith-Based Management offers the fourth important contribution inPeter Brinckerhoff's management series for not-for-profitexecutives. If mission, finance, and marketing are important tonot-for-profits' success, core values and beliefs are essential tothe faith-based not-for-profits' very existence. Peter once againchallenges and provokes thoughtful reflection while providing thereader with a pragmatic prescription for improving the overallmanagement of the faith-based organization. He challenges each ofus to accept full responsibility for carrying out God's work. Heshows us a way. --Reid S. Thebault President and CEO YMCA ofMetropolitan Detroit

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