The Everything Kids' Nature Book: Create Clouds, Make Waves, Defy Gravity and Much More!

The Everything Kids' Nature Book

Create Clouds, Make Waves, Defy Gravity and Much More!

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ISBN10: 158062684X ISBN13: 9781580626842 Publisher: Everything Published: Mar 1 2002 Pages: 132 Weight: 0.65lbs. Height: 9.25" Width: 8.00" Depth: 0.50" Language: English

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The natural world holds secrets under every rock and around every tree. If you've ever wondered what life is like through a microscope, telescope, or with the naked eye--you'll love this book

You will:

  • Run with the antelope across the American plains and learn about the food chain.
  • Climb with a monkey to the highest tree in the rainforest and discover how photosynthesis keeps leaves green.
  • Sink to the bottom of the ocean to follow creatures who have adapted to life in total darkness
  • Travel with a meteor at speeds up to 160,000 miles per hour.
  • Burrow with the earthworms in your own backyard.

Through it all, you'll find out how things synergize, regenerate, and evaporate--and lots more And don't worry about the big words--they are all defined and explained with familiar examples in this fascinating trip through the natural world.

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