Coming Age Zoloft PB

Coming Age Zoloft PB

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ISBN10: 0062059734 ISBN13: 9780062059734 Publisher: Perennial Published: Jun 5 2012 Pages: 314 Weight: 0.56lbs. Height: 8.25" Width: 5.75" Depth: 0.75" Language: English

Publisher's Comments

A compelling and troubling exploration of a generation raised on antidepressants, and a book that combines expansive interviews with substantive research-based reporting, Coming of Age on Zoloft is a vitally important and immediately engrossing study of one of America's most pressing and omnipresent issues: our growing reliance on prescription drugs. Katherine Sharpe, the former editor of Seed magazine's, addresses the questions that millions of young men and women are struggling with. "Where does my personality end and my prescription begin?" "Do I have a disease?" "Can I get better on my own?" Combining stout scientific acumen with first-person experience gained through her own struggle with antidepressants, Sharpe leads the reader through a complex subject, a guide towards a clearer future for all.
--Dr. David Healy, author of Let Them Eat Prozac

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