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Finnegan's Awake

Finnegan's Awake

New: $17.95

ISBN10: 1945419717 ISBN13: 9781945419713 Publisher: Fawkes Press, LLC Published: Apr 20 2021 Pages: 364 Language: English

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Rain Wooten is just a normal teenager living in a quiet suburb and hunting down terrorists.

Since childhood, she's been helping her dad fight the Enemies of America. His FBI assignments are so top secret that other parts of the FBI don't even know he exists. Rain helps out by living the monastic life of a computer hacker, scamming money to support underground FBI operations, hunting down extremists online, and keeping America safe 24/7.

The one time she tries to be a normal teen and order a pizza, it all goes wrong. Instead of a thin crust with extra cheese, she nearly gets iced. Her whole world turns upside down and Rain vows to restart her meds, give up hacking, and return to a normal life.

But first, just in case she's not crazy, she's got one more bad guy to find.

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