How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend: A Training Manual For Dog Owners

How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend

A Training Manual For Dog Owners


ISBN10: 0316604917 ISBN13: 9780316604918 Publisher: Little, Brown Published: Oct 1 1978

Publisher's Comments

New Skete dogs (the monks only breed German Shepherds but train all types of dog) can be found all over the US. The monks advocate the philosophy that understanding is the key to compassion and communication with your dog. Now they have prepared this guide to understanding your dog - whether a new puppy or an old companion - and thereby deepening your relationship with your pet. It includes selecting a dog for your lifestyle, how to read a pedigree, how and when to train, the proper use of discipline, feeding and caring, about dogs and protection and about behaviour problems and how to stop them. There is also a chapter on how to deal with the death of your pet.