The Merchant Of Venice

The Merchant Of Venice

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ISBN10: ISBN13: 9798689535463 Publisher: Independently Published Published: Sep 25 2020 Pages: 106 Language: English

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ANTONIO. In sooth I know not why I am so sad, It wearies me. you say it wearies you; But how I caught it, found it, or came by it, What stuff 'tis made of, whereof it is born, I am to learn. And such a want-wit sadness makes of me, That I have much ado to know myself. SALARINO. Your mind is tossing on the ocean, There where your argosies, with portly sail Like signiors and rich burghers on the flood, Or as it were the pageants of the sea, Do overpeer the petty traffickers That curtsy to them, do them reverence, As they fly by them with their woven wings.

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