The Physics of Baseball: Third Edition, Revised, Updated, and Expanded

The Physics of Baseball

Third Edition, Revised, Updated, and Expanded

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ISBN10: 0060084367 ISBN13: 9780060084363 Contributors: Adair, Robert Kemp Publisher: Perennial Published: Apr 1 2002 Pages: 169 Weight: 0.30lbs. Height: 8.00" Width: 5.50" Depth: 0.50" Edition: 3rd Edition Language: English

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Blending scientific fact and sports trivia, Robert Adair examines what a baseball or player in motion does-and why. How fast can a batted ball go? What effect do stitch patterns have on wind resistance? How far does a curve ball break? Who reaches first base faster after a bunt, a right- or left-handed batter? The answers are often surprising -- and always illuminating.

This newly revised third edition considers recent developments in the science of sport such as the neurophysiology of batting, bat vibration, and the character of the "sweet spot." Faster pitchers, longer hitters, and enclosed stadiums also get a good, hard scientific look to determine their effects on the game. Filled with anecdotes about famous players and incidents, The Physics of Baseball provides fans with fascinating insights into America's favorite pastime.
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