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The Yosemite

The Yosemite

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ISBN10: 1684221781 ISBN13: 9781684221783 Publisher: Martino Fine Books Published: Dec 8 2017 Pages: 246 Language: English

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2017 Reprint of 1962 Edition. This edition reprints the original text from 1912 along with notes and a new introduction by Frederic Gunsky first published in 1962. New maps and photos from the 1962 edition are also reprinted. This is a descriptive guide to the Yosemite, written by Muir. He provides directions for walks and hikes, sketches of Yosemite as it was in 1912, including description of birds, flowers and trees. He also describes canyons, falls the number peaks. The book is the fruit of long experience and loving, earnest, relentless study. In this book,

"...Mr. Muir brings to his Sierra Club friends much of that feeling of joyful anticipation with which we enter upon an outing into the High Sierra. From its pages we are sure to gain a sense of actual contact with the mountain world. We are sure to find in it passages that with a few simple words will bring some forgotten mountain picture flashing back to memory with all its first glory renewed. This is particularly true of his recent volume, The Yosemite. It is a treasure-house of wonderful pictures of all the changing phases of the Yosemite year -- of flood-time, with "rejoicing flood waterfalls chanting together in jubilee dress;" of Indian summer, and the "brooding, changeful days" that come between it and winter, "when the leaf colors have grown dim and the clouds come and go among the cliffs like living creatures looking for work;" of "the sunbeams streaming through the snowy High Sierra passes;" of "the sublime darkness of storm nights, when all the lights are out." Review Sierra Club Bulletin, Vol. VIII. No. 4, June 1912.

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