Final Cut Pro 2 for Firewire Dv Editing

Final Cut Pro 2 for Firewire Dv Editing

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ISBN10: 0240804996 ISBN13: 9780240804996 Publisher: Focal Pr Published: Dec 1 2001 Pages: 320 Weight: 1.90lbs. Height: 9.25" Width: 7.00" Depth: 1.25" Language: English

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Final Cut Pro 2 for FireWire DV Editing...the how and why of independent digital video editing. This guide is a comprehensive introduction to Apple Computer's Final Cut Pro editing system, and the digital video format in general. It provides relevant information about the format's specifications, proper configuration of the basic editing system, and professional tips-all in clear, jargon-free terms. Final Cut Pro 2 for FireWire DV Editing's workbook-approach explains how to setup your desktop studio, edit your digital video, and complete and distribute your project. It provides the information-and the encouragement-every digital video editor needs to complete projects of exceptional quality, from setup and capture to editing, effects work, and output to tape and the web.Roberts' guide is the only Final Cut Pro handbook that provides a detailed, step-by-step format that follows the course of your project as it progresses, defining the drop-down menus and keyboard shortcuts as you'll need them, and answering questions as they arise. Additionally, Final Cut Pro 2 for FireWire DV Editing explains in detail the Apple Macintosh hardware, software, and Firewire DV equipment set up and specifications, so that you'll know what tools you may need--and what you likely won't so that you can most efficiently execute your project.

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