The Tempest

The Tempest

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ISBN10: 1605125563 ISBN13: 9781605125565 Publisher: Akasha Classics Published: Feb 12 2010 Pages: 114 Language: English

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A small, enchanted isle is the setting for revenge, sorcery, and ultimately, reconciliation in The Tempest, believed to be the last play written solely by Shakespeare. Prospero, the exiled Duke of Milan and his baby daughter Miranda find themselves marooned on the island which is only inhabited by Caliban, son of a witch, and the spirit Ariel. The years pass with the Duke growing in magical skills; divining his enemies proximity he summons a great storm to wash them ashore. Unharmed, the shipwreck survivors are separated, their wanderings directed by the invisible Ariel. What follows is a tangle of illusions, test of love, acts of vengeance and finally the lesson that love and forgiveness possess the most potent of magic.

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