Les Miserables

Les Miserables

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ISBN10: 1434103617 ISBN13: 9781434103611 Publisher: Waking Lion Press Published: Dec 19 2012 Pages: 1120 Language: English

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Les Mis rables, first published in 1862, is one of the greatest novels of the nineteenth century--indeed, of all time. Written to improve the desperate plight of the poor and oppressed, this historical novel portrays the life of ex-convict Jean Valjean--a man unjustly imprisoned, buffeted by fate, and hounded by the ruthless detective Javert. Trying to redeem his life, Jean Valjean agrees to care for Cosette, a motherless young girl. But will his kindness prove his downfall? Find out in Victor Hugo's powerful masterpiece--a book that could very well change your life. Les Mis rables is a big book, and most publishers try to pack it into small newsprint pages with tiny, nearly unreadable type. This edition, on the other hand, has been newly designed and printed on large-format, archival-quality paper with easy-to-read type, making it a deluxe volume at a still-reasonable price. Complete and unabridged.

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