How to Catch a Pig: Lots of Cool Stuff Guys Used to Know But Forgot about the Great Outdoors

How to Catch a Pig

Lots of Cool Stuff Guys Used to Know But Forgot about the Great Outdoors

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ISBN10: 0061688495 ISBN13: 9780061688492 Contributors: Stebben, Gregg (Contributor) Publisher: Avon A Published: Dec 1 2008 Pages: 209 Weight: 0.40lbs. Height: 8.50" Width: 5.25" Depth: 0.50" Language: English

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The Lost Lore of a Man's Life contains step-by-step instructions on how to do a myriad of things men are rarely taught nowadays. Denis Boyles has collected loads of vintage wisdom in this one essential and charming volume which will delight men of all ages. Now they will know the proper way to transform a typical coaster bike into a steam-powered motorcycle as readers of Boy Mechanic (1905) did; buy and sort fishing hooks, as the June 1886 issue of Hunting & Fishing Monthly reports; build a dream cabin in the woods. Donald Tennant knew back in 1899, and so did those men who read him and followed his instructions; survive as a working man-from the factory-supplied canteen to the wife-supplied bread. This was the subject of the U.S. Government's 1901 booklet, Modern Workers of the Modern Age; distinguish deer from moose tracks. The Book of the Moose (1909) told how.aThe entire canon of a manly education can be found in the histories of our great-grandparents' social and working lives. The Lost Lore of a Man's Life recovers that lost wisdom, adapts and recapitulates it for modern men, but still retains a compelling sense of authoritative, amusing, entertaining, and offbeat authenticity. Above all, the book will reflect the unpretentious affability of Denis Boyles'A Man's Life: The Complete Instructions and The Modern Man's Guide to Life.

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