What If a Fish

What If a Fish

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ISBN10: 1534449833 ISBN13: 9781534449831 Publisher: Simon & Schuster Published: Aug 4 2020 Pages: 240 Height: 8.25" Width: 5.50"

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A whimsical and unflinchingly honest generational story of family and identity where hats turn into leeches, ghosts blow kisses from lemon trees, and the things you find at the end of your fishing line might not be a fish at all.

Half-Colombian Eddie Aguado has never really felt Colombian. Especially after Papa died. And since Mama keeps her memories of Papa locked up where Eddie can't get to them, he only has Papa's third-place fishing tournament medal to remember him by. He'll have to figure out how to be more Colombian on his own.

As if by magic, the perfect opportunity arises. Eddie--who's never left Minnesota--is invited to spend the summer in Colombia with his older half-brother. But as his adventure unfolds, he feels more and more like a fish out of water.

Figuring out how to be a true colombiano might be more difficult than he thought.
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