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Simple Explanation of Bitcoin: Bitcoin for Beginners

Simple Explanation of Bitcoin: Bitcoin for Beginners

Man, Richard


Investing & Finance

ISBN13: 9798500488145
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: May 7 2021
Pages: 118
Weight: 0.37
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Language: English
Over the last ten years, the world has seen the rise and establishment of cryptocurrencies. What at first seemed like a dark-web, alternative thing that only a specific group of people were into, now became a topic as relevant today as any other news in the Western stock market. And the cryptocurrency what started it all and still remains as the #1 most coveted is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has existed since 2009, and during the last decade it has survived the rise and fall of it's buble in 2017, and with the beginning of the '20s it has become an almost mainstream, digital currency, endorsed by personalities like Elon Musk and companies like JP Morgan. It also, to this day, maintains the same volatility it was born with. Some people still refer to cryptocurrencies as the Wild West of Economy.

But what exactly is Bitcoin? Is it real money? How is it any different from regular, digitized money? What is blockchain? Is it better? Is it safe? How do I invest in it? All of these questions have stormed the minds of many during Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies rise to fame.

The internet is overwhelming in it's information flow and it seems like there is no one single source that helps with the lack of knowledge and accessibility to the issue. It's not a coincidence: for centuries, the financial market has behaved like a different sphere, that way it can only keep a few players in the game. But Bitcoin is global, and digital, and the last few years have proved that the map is getting bigger, and there are more players involved everyday.

This book is here to answer all of your questions. You'll learn how Bitcoin works, it's history, it's uses, and it's complexities, and it's culture. We deserve to be informed. Let this book welcome you into the club, and finish it prepared for what's next; whether that is a trip to the Wild West, or a New Era of Economics based on cryptocurrencies.

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