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The Mucker: Large Print

The Mucker: Large Print

Burroughs, Edgar Rice


Mystery & ThrillerClassic FictionLiterary Fiction

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ISBN13: 9798563023185
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: Nov 11 2020
Pages: 244
Weight: 1.27
Height: 0.51 Width: 8.50 Depth: 11.02
Language: English
WHEN Billy opened his eyes again he could not recall, for the instant, very much of hisrecent past. At last he remembered with painful regret the drunken sailor it had been hisintention to roll. He felt deeply chagrined that his rightful prey should have escaped him.He couldn't understand how it had happened.This Frisco booze must be something fierce, thought Billy.His head ached frightfully and he was very sick. So sick that the room in which he layseemed to be rising and falling in a horribly realistic manner. Every time it dropped itbrought Billy's stomach nearly to his mouth.Billy shut his eyes. Still the awful sensation. Billy groaned. He never had been so sick inall his life before, and, my, how his poor head did hurt. Finding that it only seemed to makematters worse when he closed his eyes Billy opened them again.He looked about the room in which he lay. He found it a stuffy hole filled with bunks intiers three deep around the sides. In the center of the room was a table. Above the table alamp hung suspended from one of the wooden beams of the ceiling.The lamp arrested Billy's attention. It was swinging back and forth rather violently. Thiscould not be a hallucination. The room might seem to be rising and falling, but that lampcould not seem to be swinging around in any such manner if it were not really and trulyswinging. He couldn't account for it. Again he shut his eyes for a moment. When he openedthem to look again at the lamp he found it still swung as before.Cautiously he slid from his bunk to the floor. It was with difficulty that he kept his feet.Still that might be but the effects of the liquor. At last he reached the table to which he clungfor support while he extended one hand toward the lamp.There was no longer any doubt! The lamp was beating back and forth like the clapper ofa great bell. Where was he? Billy sought a window. He found some little round, glasscovered holes near the low ceiling at one side of the room. It was only at the greatest risk tolife and limb that he managed to crawl on all fours to one of them.As he straightened up and glanced through he was appalled at the sight that met his eyes.As far as he could see there was naught but a tumbling waste of water. And then the truthof what had happened to him broke upon his understanding.An' I was goin' to roll that guy! he muttered in helpless bewilderment. I was a-goin' toroll him, and now look here wot he has done to me!

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