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I Attract Money

I Attract Money



Business General

ISBN13: 9798521119516
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: Jun 15 2021
Pages: 214
Weight: 0.52
Height: 0.49 Width: 5.00 Depth: 7.99
Language: English
Hello dear friends. Welcome to a new world, where everything familiar changes its shape, where the previous assessments lose their meaning and everything diffuses and melts, giving way to a new, fresh and radiant one whose name is SPIRIT.
This book is devoted to a very burning and attractive topic - money and everything that is associated with it. She is a fusion of New Thinking, special techniques for attracting Money into our lives, as well as the author's own experience in achieving this joyful goal. It was this experience that inspired me to share with you the accumulated knowledge that literally pours out of me in a shining stream. I really want you to experience this incomparable delight when all my desires are fulfilled, all my dreams come true, and needs are satisfied.
And indeed it is! Such a delightful state of movement along with the stream of life is available to everyone, for it is in the nature of man to clothe his aspirations and desires in material form. All this can be learned, which you and I are going to do.
We live in a unique time. A new century has begun. The new millennium has begun. The era of Aquarius is coming, and the SPIRIT begins to play a leading role in the life of our beautiful planet.
The time has come for all of us to realize that we are one with the world around us, with grains of sand in deserts and stars in the depths of cosmic worlds. All of us are permeated by the deepest Universal Divine wisdom. Every living being, trees and flowers, clouds and oceans play an important role in this great mystery of life. Just as the forces of the Universe keep entire galaxies and stellar systems in order, as our Mother Earth balances gigantic mountain ranges and incredible ocean depths, so our home, our ordinary apartment, being part of the universe, maintains us in a state of balance throughout life ... All this boundless, unthinkable device of the Universe lives, breathes, develops and invites us to dance at the endless ball of Bliss, Delight and Triumph of the Immortal Spirit.-
All this is very nice and romantic, you will notice, but what does the above have to do with the real presence of rubles and dollars in my wallet? Surprisingly, the most direct, and you will be convinced of this, I promise. After reading this book, you will be able to:
- change your stereotype of thinking, using the above methods (for example, turn the Thinking of Poverty into Thinking of Wealth and Prosperity). Changing your mindset and identifying subconscious blockages can help you open the path to abundance. By the way, if you or your family members are already enjoying the fruits of abundance, or, in other words, are rich and wealthy, then knowledge of the basic spiritual laws will help you maintain the achieved prosperity and increase it. After all, it happens that wealth comes ... and goes;
- adjust your living space in the house and the environment at the workplace in accordance with the practical recommendations of Feng Shui to achieve maximum success for your company (Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating a harmonious life). And knowledge of the elementary safety rules of Feng Shui can protect you from troubles and sudden financial losses;
- to realize that you are a powerful creator of your own world and success. And most importantly, you will experience an amazing and exciting feeling that your life and the lives of your loved ones are beginning to change for the better.
Realizing this, you will feel boundless inspiration and will generate around you a joyful, pulsating circle of energy of happiness and success, which is extremely attractive to the people around you and to Mrs. Fortune. And there ... only the infinity of the triumph of the fulfillment of desires and the possession of everything you want.

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