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Beacons of Hope

Beacons of Hope


Religion General General World History

Publisher Price: $10.99

ISBN10: 1662838263
ISBN13: 9781662838262
Publisher: Xulon Pr
Published: Feb 13 2022
Pages: 44
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Height: 0.09 Width: 6.00 Depth: 9.00
Language: English
This 12-Day devotional is an attempt to give voice to 15 women lighthouse keepers of the 19th and 20th century. Poignant facts are told about their heroic efforts to keep the lights shining for the multitude of strangers at sea. Yet many women who sustain life go unnoticed for decades. The juxtaposition of scripture references of unnamed women of the Bible invites readers to discern their own faith journeys. This devotional is meant to be part of a beginning conversation about transformation, gender equity, dignity, and servant-leadership roles women have held for many centuries, whether publicly recognized or in the shadows. One has to wonder whose stories have yet to be unearthed. May this book be an inspiration to seek the more about God's beloved. Brave Beacons! Rev. Adrienne Berry-Burton, Zion Baptist, Lynn, MA Rev. Dorsainvil draws together an intersection of women's history, scripture and insightful questions with a call to justice. Beacons of Hope offers a practice of prayer and promises to point us towards taking action to light the way for others. Rev. Cindy Maybeck, Spirit Story Ministry Rev. Sandra Dorsainvil shines a light on two groups who are often hidden from view: people who are behind the lights, in this case women lighthouse keepers, and unnamed women in the Bible. My only problem with the collection is not wanting to wait 12 days to read all of these beautiful stories and reflections! Rev. Nancy Willbanks, First Baptist Church of Littleton, MA Sandra Dorsainvil is first and foremost, God's servant. She is a multi-lingual praying sister, mother, and grandmother, and an ordained minister. She finds joy sitting at round tables where life's journeys are shared and hearts listen. Her advanced degrees and cross-cultural up-bringing on three continents have taught her the value of giving and receiving generous hospitality.

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