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Bastileborn: Dragon Fire

Bastileborn: Dragon Fire


Series: Bastileborn


ISBN13: 9798592107108
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: Jan 8 2021
Pages: 512
Weight: 1.49
Height: 1.03 Width: 6.00 Depth: 9.00
Language: English
Dragon Fire (Book 1) Bastileborn is a continent of beauty and brutality. Dragons, elves, dwarves, humans, and many other creatures thrive and shed blood across the ancient continent. Cypress, the mischievous god of love and fertility, is one of four demigods that protect the mortal realm. Cypress often falls in love with exceptional mortals. He intertwines their fates and nurtures forbidden affections to maintain a healthy balance of good and evil. King Brimsly threatens that balance as he marches an army north to conquer the elves. Cypress orchestrates a plan to bring together every mortal race to stop him. Forbidden love is a powerful weapon, and Cypress intends to dissolve every boundary that limits its potential. (Extended synopses for the three converging storylines) Sidian, the last black dragon of the Living Mountain, is chosen to ascend to the spiritual realm of the demigods where he receives Cypress's favor. Shortly after crashing back to earth, Sidian discovers the dragon king committing racial treason with a human queen. Sidian is unjustly exiled from his homeland by the despicable king. Eighteen years later, Sidian hides among the humans by establishing himself as a pirate captain. To hold an old Lurian king to an important bargain, Captain Sid kidnaps the king's youngest daughter. Princess Lacia Alphonse storms onto Sidian's ship with a temper hotter than a royal forge. She ignites something in the young dragon that reshapes the fate of Bastileborn. As Sidian finds passion on the Lattidor Sea, Irena Floramare, once a beautiful princess of the Swaying Valley, is turned into a trophy slave for the lecherous Prince Dienon of Daylith. Dienon's father, King Brimsly, conquered Irena's kingdom and kidnapped her and her younger sister, Tabitha. Irena's innocent and rebellious spirit is forced to mature as she acclimates to the life of a pleasure slave. Irena and Tabitha are unknowingly admired by the demigod Cypress. He guides them to protect the ancient continent of Bastileborn in spite of their depraved captors. A few hundred miles north of Daylith, Gavin Runesteel, the bullheaded human prince of Talfane, is in trouble with the high elves of Carus. They captured him by mistake and bring him into the palace slave quarters where he meets Thistle. Thistle is a sweet and beautiful elven slave. Gavin quickly realizes something dangerous about Thistle's abnormally short ears. On top of that, her enchanting gray eyes remind him of his Uncle Gregory, who happens to be the high king of the humans. Gavin gets deeper into trouble as he falls in love with Thistle. Their racially-taboo relationship angers Astrum, a royal high elf sentry that also has socially-unacceptable feelings for Thistle. Gavin proceeds to provoke Astrum's rage every time he opens his mouth, but a budding friendship sometimes starts out rocky.

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