Nerve Damage

Nerve Damage

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ISBN10: 099033600X ISBN13: 9780990336006 Publisher: Evoke Publishing Published: Jun 1 2014

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ER physician and medical researcher, Drake Cody, has developed an experimental drug that may help the paralyzed walk. Rogue elements operating in the shadows of the pharmaceutical industry have learned of Drake's breakthrough and they will destroy anyone or anything that prevents them from pirating the priceless research.Drake, his wife, and their children become pawns in a deadly contest where billions in profits are at stake and their lives mean nothing. Murder, blackmail, and violence touches all those he cares about as the hospital, his home, and his city are swept into the madness. Greed, lust, murder, and betrayal confront courage and selflessness as Drake's family and his hospital coworkers battle to save what matters most-their patients, their love, their lives.Physician turned bestselling author Tom Combs' suspense-packed thriller explodes with true-to-life medical action in a tale of heart-pounding thrills, brilliant twists, and characters readers care about.John Grisham introduced legal suspense and thrills to the mainstream - Tom Combs has done the same with the world of medicine in book one of this riveting series.International Bestselling Medical Thriller - #1 Great Britain, Canada and Australia 2018, 2020

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