The Plum-Stone Game

The Plum-Stone Game

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ISBN10: 1934103039 ISBN13: 9781934103036 Publisher: Small Pr Distribution Published: Jan 1 2009 Pages: 91 Weight: 0.36lbs. Height: 8.25" Width: 6.25" Depth: 0.25" Language: English

Publisher's Comments

Poetry. In her third book of poems, Kathleen Jesme asks what happens if the ordinary ways of knowing are taken away-if one is suddenly unable to see or hear, or has been stripped of the familiar past. What begins to show through when absence (or darkness) creates a different inner landscape? "THE PLUM-STONE GAME is a delicate reconstruction of sense-memory and its eros: with archeological precision Kathleen Jesme revitalizes the broken vessel of the world, giving us one beautiful version of its amphora after another. The poems hold; they retain light and joy and the fierce electric charges of the body. Here is a poet who has wearied of the ways in which language has been used to show us the impossibility of meaning. She is refreshingly unafraid of the sensual power of poetry, its difficulties, and its ability to comprehend the larger sphere of being"--D.A. Powell.

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