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Selling Your Book at Magers and Quinn

Consignment Books
Books available through publishers and distributors
Non-book items

Magers and Quinn welcomes inquiries from self-published authors and non-traditional publishers looking to sell their books at our store. This type of book, with local appeal and subject matter, keeps our inventory unique!

Before contacting us, please read the guidelines provided here. We are an independent bookstore, and our employees wear many hats. The book buyers are not available to accommodate cold-calls or drop-ins. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Please understand we do not have the means to carry every book that is presented to us, or to respond to each inquiry. If we are able to carry your book, we will contact you with next steps.

Once you begin the process below, you are responsible for understanding and agreeing to this information.

If your book is not available through a publisher or distributor, please see: Consignment books.

If your book is available through a publisher or distributor please see: Books available through publishers or distributors.

Consignment Books:
  • Priority is given to authors and materials that have a local or regional connection (Minneapolis, Minnesota, or the Midwest).
  • The more recent the publication of the book, the better.
  • We select books based on criteria such as sales potential in our store and if/how they complement our inventory at the time.
  • We screen consignment submissions for professionalism and quality.

Consignment Process:

  1. Please understand we are not able to meet for cold calls or drop-ins.

  2. Send an email containing the following information to books@magersandquinn.com.

    • Subject line: “Consignment: [insert Book Title]”
    • Information about the author
    • Information about the title, especially its local appeal
    • An image of the book cover
    • Any sales, marketing, or advertising plans the author/publisher has already organized.

  3. Magers and Quinn will review the consignment application and will contact authors with next steps if we are able to stock a book.

  4. If we are unable to stock an author’s book, we will try to respond to the application as soon as possible. Please understand that due to the high volume of submissions, we are not always able to respond.

  5. We are not able to return sample copies. Sample copies should only be sent if specifically requested.

    • If you send an unsolicited sample copy, we will process the sample at our discretion by donating or gifting it, unless we are able to carry the book.

Books available through publishers or distributors:

If your book (or related item) is available through a publisher or distributor, please email information about the book for consideration, along with ordering information, to books@magersandquinn.com.

Please be very clear which publisher/distributor is handling the book.

We are not able to return sample copies. If you send a sample copy, please note we receive a lot of material and will process the sample at our discretion by donating or gifting it, unless we are able to carry the book.

Non-book items:

Since we are in the book business, other items we consider carrying are those related to books or those which customers have requested over time. Discount terms are different for non-book items.

For consideration of non-book items, please follow the same steps as for the Consignment Process.

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