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    3038 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, MN

Open Daily: 10am - 10pm | Alley-side Pickup: 10am - 7pm
3038 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, MN

Eric C. Gray presents Backyards to Ballparks

Monday, August 29, 7:00 PM
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“What is your favorite memory connected to baseball?” is the simple question asked by author Eric Gray that launched the book Bases to Bleachers, a collection of personal memories. With over 1250 tales collected from around the world, it became evident that one volume of stories would not be enough. And they kept coming. Backyards to Ballparks: More Personal Baseball Stories From the Stands and Beyond is the second volume. The stories are all different...but the heart and soul of the book are the same.

They all have in common that tribute to why baseball remains the American pastime, how it connects friends, families, communities. These memories, often more human interest than play-of-game in nature, all have baseball as a setting, but speak to how baseball provides joy and anguish, nourishes family traditions, creates friendships and can profoundly affect you. Whether the stories are about befriending Hank Aaron because of a mixed music tape, catching or not catching that prized ball, re-telling the memory your grandpa passed down to you, or finding out some life-changing news while at a game, these are stories that will make you laugh, or tear up, and allow you to remember similar events in your life.


Eric Gray is originally from Plainview, New York, and earned his Bachelor of Arts from SUNY New Paltz. In 1974, he came to San Francisco, began a thirty-nine-year career at the U.S. Department of Labor, met his future wife Lynn Rhodes, and never moved back to New York. His hobbies include rock and roll, following politics, playing and watching baseball and basketball, hiking, and hanging out with friends and family. He and his wife have two children, Rachel and David. All are baseball fans.

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