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    3038 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, MN

Open Daily: 10am - 10pm | Alley-side Pickup: 10am - 7pm
3038 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, MN

Bill Meissner presents Summer of Fire, Summer of Rain

Monday, January 23, 7:00 PM
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With its roots in a true but little-known incident involving the aerial bombing of a Midwest powder production plant in 1969, Summer of Rain, Summer of Fire is a family drama, a love story, and at the same time, a political portrait of America, torn at the seams and trying to heal itself. Its four central characters—a father, a son, a mother, and a rebellious young woman—each struggle with goals they believe are best for themselves and their country. Summer of Rain, Summer of Fire is an illumination of the timeless conflicts on the battlefield of the human heart. Twin Cities novelist Shannon Olson says: "At the center of this compelling novel is the Keyhoe family— stern Karl at the helm, sensitive teenage son, Phil, and the quietly heroic and eminently likeable Frances, wife and mother, holding the family together—each of them trying to do what's right, motivated by duty and love. Those tensions propel this beautifully crafted and, at times, gently funny novel—a story of families and community in conflict, cultural upheaval, and, ultimately, hope for change."

Minnesota writer and teacher Bill Meissner is the author of eleven books, including four books of short stories and five books of poems. His first novel, Spirits in the Grass, was awarded the Midwest Book Award. He has won numerous awards for his writing, including an NEA Creative Writing Fellowship, a Minnesota State Arts Board Fellowship, a Loft-McKnight Fellowship for Poetry, and a Loft-McKnight Award of Distinction in Fiction. For over a decade, Meissner taught a university course based on the culture, literature, and music of the late 1960s. Bill's interests include rock music, photography, baseball, pulp fiction magazines, American culture, vintage typewriters, and travel—especially to tropical/beach locations such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. He lives in Minnesota with his wife, Chris.

Shannon Olson is the author of the bestselling novels Welcome to My Planet: Where English Is Sometimes Spoken and Children of God Go Bowling (Viking/Penguin). She has written nonfiction for The Guardian, InStyle, Good Housekeeping, and Minnesota Monthly magazine. She has taught creative writing at The Colorado College, the University of Minnesota, and at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival, and is currently Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing at St. Cloud State University, where she teaches fiction and nonfiction writing.


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