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Saturday, September 19, 4:00pm Magers And Quinn Booksellers Facebook Page

Hannah Abigail Clarke presents The Scapegracers, in conversation with Naomi Kritzer

Tune in as authors Hannah Abigail Clarke and Naomi Kritzer discuss Clarke's debut novel, live-streamed on Saturday, September 19 at 4:00pm.

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Skulking near the bottom of West High’s social pyramid, Sideways Pike lurks under the bleachers doing magic tricks for Coke bottles. As a witch, lesbian, and lifelong outsider, she’s had a hard time making friends.

But when the three most popular girls pay her $40 to cast a spell at their Halloween party, Sideways gets swept into a new clique. The unholy trinity are dangerous angels, sugar-coated rattlesnakes, and now–unbelievably–Sideways’ best friends.

Together, the four bond to form a ferocious and powerful coven. They plan parties, cast curses on dudebros, try to find Sideways a girlfriend, and elude the fundamentalist witch hunters hellbent on stealing their magic.

But for Sideways, the hardest part is the whole ‘having friends’ thing. Who knew that balancing human interaction with supernatural peril could be so complicated?

Rich with the urgency of feral youth, T​he Scapegracers ​explores growing up and complex female friendship with all the rage of a teenage girl. It subverts the trope of competitive mean girls and instead portrays a mercilessly supportive clique of diverse and vivid characters. It is an atmospheric, voice-driven novel of the occult, and the first of a three-book series.

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Hannah Abigail Clarke​ is here and queer, etc. They have been previously published in ​Portland Review​,
P​RISM International​, and C​haleur​. They graduated from college at Miami University (of Ohio) in May 2020. ​The Scapegracers​ is their first novel.

Naomi Kritzer has been making friends online since her teens, when she had to use a modem to dial up at 2400 baud. She is a writer and blogger who has published a number of short stories and novels for adults, including the Eliana's Song duology and the Dead Rivers Trilogy. Her 2015 short story “Cat Pictures Please” won the Hugo Award and Locus Award and was a finalist for the Nebula. Naomi lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her family and four cats. The number of cats is subject to change without notice.

Monday, September 21, 7:00pm Magers And Quinn Booksellers Facebook page

Reid Forgrave presents Love, Zac: Small-Town Football and the Life and Death of an American Boy, in conversation with Bill Reiter

Tune in for a conversation between sports journalists Reid Forgrave and Bill Reiter about Forgrave's book, Love, Zac. Watch on the Magers & Quinn Facebook Page on Monday, September 21 at 7:00pm Central Time.

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LOVE, ZAC: Small-Town Football and the Life and Death of an American Boy, is an intimate and emotionally gripping story of a young man, Iowan Zac Easter, who struggled with the neurodegenerative disorder CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) after playing full contact football from third grade through high school. Zac Easter grew up in a football-focused family in a football-focused town, where his two brothers were football stars and his father was his high school football coach. After years of minor head hits, a string of concussions in his senior year of high school caused him to stop playing football for good. He would never be the same. Zac’s battle with CTE led to bouts of depression, substance abuse, anxiety, and memory loss as well as physical ailments like constant headaches and body pain, and then, ultimately, the decision to take his own life in December 2015 at age of 24. His last wishes were that his brain be donated to the Sports Legacy Institute so research could help others. Though Zac loved football, he wanted his story to be a warning of the dangers to all kids who choose to play football, and to all adults who can help make the game safer. In Zac’s memory, his mother and girlfriend founded the CTE Hope foundation to improve the technology to identify concussions and sports injuries and ensure that Zac’s story serve as a catalyst for all of us to address the devasting effects of concussions.

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Reid Forgrave writes about sports and other topics for GQ, the New York Times Magazine, and Mother Jones, among other publications. He has covered the NFL and college football for FoxSports.com and CBS Sports, and he currently writes for the Star Tribune in Minneapolis. The article in which he first wrote about Zac Easter is included in  Best American Sports Writing 2018 . A past life found him working at the Des Moines Register in Iowa, where he wrote long-form narrative journalism and covered the state’s first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses. Forgrave lives in Minneapolis with his wife and two sons. Love, Zac is his first book.   

Bill Reiter is a national columnist and radio host for CBS Sports originally from the Midwest. For several years he hosted Reiter Than You, CBS Sports’ first live primetime digital television show. In his current role, he has covered the NBA, the NFL, the MLB, the Olympics and more.

Tuesday, September 22, 6:00pm Magers And Quinn Booksellers Facebook Page

Ellis Cose presents The Short Life & Curious Death of Free Speech in America, in conversation with Ev Dennis

Head to the Magers & Quinn Facebook page for a conversation between author Ellis Cose and professor Ev Dennis, on Tuesday, September 22 at 7:00pm Central time.

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The critically acclaimed journalist and bestselling author explores one of the most essential rights in America—free speech—and reveals how it is crumbling under the combined weight of polarization, technology, money and systematized lying in this concise yet powerful and timely book.

Today, argues Cose, ordinary individuals have virtually no voice at all. Social media, meant to bring us closer, has become a widespread disseminator of false information keeping people of differing opinions and political parties at odds. The nation—and world—watches in shock as white nationalism rises, race and gender-based violence spreads, and voter suppression widens. Cose argues that the safeguards built into the Constitution to protect free speech and democracy have instead become instruments of suppression by an unfairly empowered political minority.

“In a stunningly original book, Ellis Cose cuts to the very core of free speech battles. Ordinary people are being held captive by ear-splitting political voices while not enough Americans are protecting and being freed by listening to the voices of ordinary people. An abolitionist book for this moment, for this time when free speech slumbers in chains.”
—Ibram X. Kendi, National Book Award-winning and #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of How to Be Antiracist and Stamped from the Beginning

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Ellis Cose is the author of several books, including the bestselling The Rage of a Privileged Class. A former contributing editor for Newsweek magazine, his writing has appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times, Time magazine, USA Today, the Washington Post, and the New York Daily News, among other publications.

Everette (Ev) Dennis, professor of journalism at the Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University,  served nearly a decade as Dean and CEO of Northwestern’s futuristic campus in Doha, Qatar.  An author, educator and institution builder he was founding Director of the Gannett-Freedom Forum  Media Studies Center at Columbia University, founding President of the American Academy in Berlin and Dean of the School of Journalism & Communication at the University of Oregon. Just prior to his Qatar appointment, he was the Felix E. Larkin Professor of Communication and Media Management at Fordham University in New York.  He received his Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota where he taught for a decade and advanced from instructor to full professor.  He was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2017 and is an elected life member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  He has known Ellis Cose for decades, beginning when Mr. Cose served as President of the Institute for Journalism Education at UC Berkeley and subsequently when the was an advanced fellow at the former Gannett Center at Columbia.

Friday, September 25, 5:00pm Magers And Quinn Booksellers Facebook Page

Janet Graber presents The Sting of Love

Join local author Janet Graber as she reads from her new novel, live on the Magers & Quinn Facebook page! Tune in Friday, September 25, at 5pm Central.

Georgina is on a visit to her widowed father in England to celebrate his seventy-seventh birthday, decades after he fought in WWII. She is astonished when he asks if she will accompany him back to Trieste, in Northern Italy. He has always refused to set foot in Europe again. What changed? And why now?

The story moves between 1946, when the English Captain Drummond starts a extramarital affair with a Slovenian woman during his post-WWII station in Italy, and 1994, when Drummond's daughter Georgina navigates her own failed marriage. Georgina accompanies her father to Trieste, Italy to help him resolve his secrets from the war, and also to escape her own infidelity. Janet Graber explores the depth of a father/daughter relationship in the context of family secrets, shame, and war. She would love to host an event to discuss how emotionally divisive historical periods play out on a personal level and the circumstances that allow us to view our parents with more empathy and complexity.

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Janet Graber was born in the middle of WWII in Northern England. She traveled widely, ended up in the United States, married, raised a family, and eventually followed her dream of writing stories.

After publishing picture books and novels for teens, honors followed, including a McKnight Artist Fellowship in Children's Literature, The Association of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award, and A Junior Library Guild Selection. She was also a Minnesota Book Award Finalist in the Young Adult Category. She teaches occasionally at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, and mentors writers in her home.

The Sting of Love is her first novel written for an adult audience. Janet lives in Minnesota, cherishes log fires, green trees, reading in bed, drifting snow, tea at three o'clock with ginger trifle, and the company of good friends and family.

Sunday, September 27, 3:00pm Magers And Quinn Booksellers Facebook Page

Jack Zipes presents Two Rediscovered Children's Books: Keedle the Great and Yussuf the Ostrich

Join Jack Zipes for another virtual event, highlighting works from his new children's press, Little Mole and Honey Bear! Tune in to the Magers & Quinn Facebook page on Sunday, September 27 at 3:00pm central time.

Jack Zipes of Minneapolis may not be in the classroom anymore, but once a teacher always a teacher. Now retired from his position as a Professor of German and comparative literature at the University of Minnesota, these days he is on a mission to breathe new life into old fairy tales that deliver important messages. The fairy tales he is re-releasing this September are both about fascism and teach lessons that are very timely right now.

Keedle the Great, originally written by Deirdre and William Conselman, Jr., and illustrated by Fred L. Fox in 1940, is the story of a scrawny little kid who is cruel to animals. As the story progresses and Keedle becomes a bigger bully, he gets smaller and smaller. It shows that bullies don’t last forever.


Yussuf the Ostrich, originally written and illustrated by Emery Kelen, one of the great political caricaturists of the twentieth century and released in 1943, is the story of a young idealistic ostrich who has to overcome racism, war and separation from his mother.


Tuesday, September 29, 5:00pm Magers And Quinn Booksellers Facebook Page

Anja Kampmann presents High as the Waters Rise, in conversation with with Anne Posten and Ilana Masad

Watch author Anja Kampmann, translator Anne Posten, and author Ilana Masad in conversation about Kampmann's new novel, High as the Waters Rise. Streamed live on the Magers & Quinn Facebook page, Tuesday September 29, at 5pm Central.

German poet Anja Kampmann’s award-winning debut novel is the dazzling, heart-rending story of an oil rig worker whose closest friend goes missing, plunging him into isolation and forcing him to confront his past

One night aboard an oil drilling platform in the Atlantic, Waclaw returns to his cabin to find that his bunkmate and companion, Mátyás, has gone missing. A search of the rig confirms his fear that Mátyás has fallen into the sea.

Grief-stricken, he embarks on an epic emotional and physical journey that takes him to Morocco, to Budapest and Mátyás’s hometown in Hungary, to Malta, Italy, and finally to the mining town of his childhood in Germany. Waclaw’s encounters along the way with other lost and yearning souls – Mátyás’s angry, grieving half-sister; lonely rig workers on shore leave; a truck driver who watches the world change from his driver’s seat – bring us closer to his origins while also revealing the problems of a globalized economy dependent on waning natural resources. High as the Waters Rise is a stirring exploration of male intimacy, the nature of memory and grief, and the cost of freedom – the story of a man who stands at the margins of a society from which he has profited little, though its functioning depends on his labor.

German poet Anja Kampmann was born in Hamburg and resides in Leipzig. High as the Waters Rise is her first novel, for which she received the Mara Cassens Prize for best German debut novel and the Lessing Promotion Prize. She was also awarded the Bergen-Enkheim Prize and was nominated for the Leipzig Book Fair Prize and the German Book Prize.

Anne Posten translates prose, poetry, and drama from the German. She is the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship, and her translations of authors such as Peter Bichsel, Carl Seelig, Thomas Brasch, Tankred Dorst, Anna Katharina Hahn, and Paul Scheerbart have appeared with New Directions, Christine Burgin/The University of Chicago Press, Music & Literature, n+1, VICE, The Buenos Aires Review, FIELD, Stonecutter, and Hanging Loose, among other publications. She is based in Berlin.

Ilana Masad is a queer Israeli-American writer of fiction, nonfiction, and criticism. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, NPR, StoryQuartlerly, Tin House’s Open Bar, 7x7, Catapult, Buzzfeed, and many more. She is the founder and host of The Other Stories, an interview podcast featuring fiction writers. A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, she has received her Masters in English from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she is currently a doctoral student. She is the author of the novel All My Mother’s Lovers.

Thursday, October 1, 7:00pm Magers And Quinn Booksellers Facebook Page

John Rosengren presents A Clean Heart, in conversation with Paul John Scott

Authors John Rosengren and Paul John Scott will discuss Rosengren's novel A Clean Heart, live on the Magers & Quinn Facebook Page on Thursday, October 1 at 7:00pm Central time.

Carter Kirchner struggles to stay sane and sober as a counselor on Six West, an adolescent drug treatment center run by a hard-drinking nun with an MBA. The young man is caught between Sister Mary Xavier’s plan to rescue the center by reforming a hard case kid and the dysfunctional staff’s clumsy plan to intervene on their boss’s drinking. Meanwhile, Carter’s mother–who never forgave him for giving up a promising hockey career to treat his own addiction–lands in the hospital with an advanced case of cirrhosis. Before Carter can help the young addict commissioned to his care or safely navigate the staff’s dysfunctional intervention effort, he must rescue himself from his family’s past.

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John Rosengren, a full-time freelance writer for the past 30 years, was recently nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and has won more than a dozen writing awards. He has published eight previous books, including Hank Greenberg: The Hero of Heroes, the definitive biography of the first Jew inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame, and Blades of Glory: The True Story of a Young Team Bred to Win, which chronicles a season spent with a high school hockey powerhouse (Minnesota's Friday Night Lights). His articles have appeared in more than 100 publications, such as The Atlantic, The New Yorker Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Sports Illustrated and Utne Reader.

Rosengren earned his master’s degree in creative writing from Boston University, where he studied with Saul Bellow and Derek Walcott. More at www.johnrosengren.net.

Paul John Scott is a reporter and writer who lives in Minnesota. His work has been published in the New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, Men's Journal, Outside, Details, Men's Health, Cosmopolitan, Ski, The Columbia Journalism Review, The Star Tribune, and The Fargo Forum.

Wednesday, October 7, 7:00pm Online Event (Registration Required for Access)

In a Holidaze: Christina Lauren Virtual Book Tour, with Sonali Dev and Emily Henry, moderated by Amanda Diehl

Join Magers & Quinn for a virtual celebration of Christina Lauren's new novel In a Holidaze, featuring special guests Sonali Dev and Emily Henry, moderated by Amanda Diehl of Smart Bitches Trashy Books.

Event access will be emailed to the ticket purchaser 24- 48 hours prior to event start.

Two ways to join:
$5: Event Access + a $5 magersandquinn.com gift card, valid for any purchase from our web store! (Gift card will be emailed to ticketholder prior to event.)
$25: Event Access + a signed copy of In a Holidaze, plus shipping & handling. Book with ticket option must be purchased by Oct. 2, 2020. (Books to be shipped on or after publication date: October 6, 2020)


ABOUT THE BOOK: One Christmas wish, two brothers, and a lifetime of hope are on the line for hapless Maelyn Jones in In a Holidaze, the quintessential holiday romantic novel by Christina Lauren, the New York Times bestselling author of The Unhoneymooners.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…but not for Maelyn Jones. She’s living with her parents, hates her going-nowhere job, and has just made a romantic error of epic proportions.

But perhaps worst of all, this is the last Christmas Mae will be at her favorite place in the world—the snowy Utah cabin where she and her family have spent every holiday since she was born, along with two other beloved families. Mentally melting down as she drives away from the cabin for the final time, Mae throws out what she thinks is a simple plea to the universe: Please. Show me what will make me happy.

The next thing she knows, tires screech and metal collides, everything goes black. But when Mae gasps awake…she’s on an airplane bound for Utah, where she begins the same holiday all over again. With one hilarious disaster after another sending her back to the plane, Mae must figure out how to break free of the strange time loop—and finally get her true love under the mistletoe.

Jam-packed with yuletide cheer, an unforgettable cast of characters, and Christina Lauren’s trademark “downright hilarious” (Helen Hoang, author of The Bride Test) hijinks, this swoon-worthy romantic read will make you believe in the power of wishes and the magic of the holidays.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Christina Lauren is the pen name of writing partners Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings, the New York Times, USA TODAY, and #1 internationally bestselling authors of 25 books, including the Beautiful and Wild Seasons series, The Unhoneymooners, Twice in a Blue Moon, and The Honey-Don’t List. Find them at ChristinaLaurenBooks.com, @ChristinaLauren on Instagram, or @ChristinaLauren on Twitter.

Thursday, October 15, 5:30pm Online Event (Registration Required for Access)

Cookish: A Virtual Cooking Demo with Christopher Kimball

Celebrate the latest cookbook in the Milk Street family, Milk Street: Cookish! Join Magers & Quinn and Christopher Kimball for a private virtual cooking demo on Thursday, October 15 at 5:30pm Central Time.

Register HERE

Event access is $5, which gives you access to the virtual event (access instructions provided via email 24-48 hours prior to event), as well as a $5 virtual gift card to magersandquinn.com. Use it toward your copy of COOKISH, or anything else from our web store!

About the book: Throw together fast, flavorful meals in no time with just a handful of ingredients with 200 highly cookable, delicious, and incredibly simple recipes from the James Beard Award-winning team at Milk Street.

In Cookish, Christopher Kimball and his team of cooks and editors harness the most powerful cooking principles from around the world to create 200 of the simplest, most delicious recipes ever created. These recipes, most with six or fewer ingredients (other than oil, salt, and pepper), make it easy to be a great cook -- the kind who can walk into a kitchen and throw together dinner in no time.

In each of these recipes, big flavors and simple techniques transform pantry staples, common proteins, or centerpiece vegetables into a delicious meal. And each intuitive recipe is a road map for other mix-and-match meals, which can come together in minutes from whatever's in the fridge.