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Awesome Women Who Changed History: Paper Dolls
Awesome Women Who Changed History
Paper Dolls
Paperback      ISBN: 1440599874
The most badass collection of paper dolls--ever

Forget the runway. These Awesome Women Who Changed History are dressed for the battlefields, the picket lines--and the White House

These 20 realistic paper dolls have everything they need to shatter the glass ceiling. Prepare Sally Ride for liftoff with her spacesuit and helmet. Get Annie's gun (and her hat and dress) before she heads into a sharpshooting competition. And please rise for the honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose robes and gavel will have her ready to preside over the United States Supreme Court.

Whether conducting research while living with the chimps in the wild, taking flight across the Atlantic, or leading people to freedom on the Underground Railroad, the paper doll likenesses of these groundbreaking women are sure to inspire awesome women of any age
Bob Dylan Play Book
Bob Dylan Play Book
Paperback      ISBN: 1851498214

Bob Dylan is awarded The Nobel Prize in Literature for 2016 "for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition." Now you can create, color, and interact with his clothes, his songs, and the key people and places in the career of the legendary singer-songwriter and now Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan.- A must-have for all Bob Dylan fans and those that aren't yet fans- The ultimate collector's activity-book to be approached with glue, scissors and coloring pencils, dedicated to all the fans of the legendary singer-songwriterBeginning with rockabilly, moving on to folk music, sliding over to electric, and falling into a psychedelic phase, like a chameleon Bob Dylan has changed his skin repeatedly over the years, juggling his image with apparent ease and subverting the prevailing social and aesthetic models each time. His Supro guitar and the leather jacket - reminiscent of James Dean; the muse of his hobo period Suze Rotolo and his legendary Triumph Bonneville; the Newport Jazz Festival and the Gaslight Cafe in Greenwich Village: artist Matteo Guarnaccia has documented this pilgrimage of styles stage by stage, year by year, with a wealth of detail. The clothes, faces, music and places of those years become subjects to color in, paper-dolls to dress, and board games to assemble, while the characters of his songs provide the members of a colorful circus.This is the ultimate collector's activity-book to be approached with glue, scissors and coloring pencils, dedicated to all the fans of the legendary singer-songwriter.

Challenging Brain Boosters
Challenging Brain Boosters
Paperback      ISBN: 1402709463

What number best completes the series? What anagrams don't belong? Which pattern satisfies the analogy? No cheating Flex that brain muscle and see how intelligent you really are with this fun and formidable two-part series of quizzes. Care to measure your IQ? See how well you stack up after taking one of the eight IQ tests offered here. Then, measure specific skills through a series of tests designed to gauge numerical, verbal, and spatial abilities. Answers to each question, complete with explanations, appear at the end of each section. Score yourself using the easy-to-follow charts provided here, then rank yourself against friends to prove that you really are the smartest one on the block.

Brick City: Global Icons to Make from Lego
Brick City
Global Icons to Make from Lego
Paperback      ISBN: 1438002491
Brick City is a model builder's festival in book form. What lends special distinction to the models is the way they're constructed. Each is made entirely of LEGO bricks Known for decades as a favorite children's toy, LEGO bricks have entered the adult model builder's repertoire in recent years. Author and model maker Warren Elsmore presents instructions for neophyte LEGO modelers plus plans for constructing specific buildings and landmarks, along with vivid photos of completed LEGO models. The models represent landmarks from all over the world, and include--

  • St. Basil's Cathedral
  • New York's New World Trade Center
  • The Arc de Triomphe
  • Rome's Colosseum
  • A London taxicab
  • Hong Kong ferries
  • Buckingham Palace. . . and many others

    Featuring amazing photos of LEGO models, and scale drawings of structural details to guide model builders, Brick City presents a modeler's panorama of contemporary urban landscapes. More than 400 illustrations in color and black and white.

    BONUS POSTERS: Enclosed with the book are two dramatic posters featuring LEGO(R) model photos of architectural world landmarks. The posters, which are suitable for framing, unfold to 17 1/2" x 24 3/4"

  • Puzzle Box, Volume 2
    Puzzle Box, Volume 2
    Paperback      ISBN: 0486813487
    In a foot race, Abe was neither first nor last. Cal beat Doug, Bruce beat Abe, Abe beat Ed but was beaten by Cal, and Doug beat Bruce. Who was last?
    Arrange four chess pieces so that every piece attacks exactly four empty squares.
    In the USA, is it possible to travel by car in such a way that you visit exactly seven states and enter them in alphabetical order?
    What do these words have in common: commerce, canoodle, funnel, recessive?
    You have 12 pounds of nails and a large 2-pan balance. How can you measure out 9 pounds of nails?

    Find identical jigsaw puzzle pieces, rearrange digits to form correct equations, solve crossword puzzles that spell out pithy quotations, and revel in other original brainteasers. This successor to Puzzle Box, Volume 1 presents another 300 challenges created by a team of a dozen renowned mathematicians and puzzle creators.
    Seventeen different types of puzzles include 3-D puzzles, chess puzzles, connections, dissections, foldings, geometrical puzzles, logic problems, matchstick puzzles, mazes, moving pieces, number puzzles, put-togethers, strimkos, sudoku, and visual and word puzzles. The difficulty level of each puzzle is marked by stars, ranging from 2 to 5; 3 stars indicate an average-level challenge. Whether you prefer picture puzzles or word puzzles or number puzzles, this fun-filled collection guarantees hours of entertainment.
    Scratch & Create: I Love Hand Lettering: Design Your Own Quotes with 16 Scratch Boards and 4 Alphabet and Ornament Stencils
    Scratch & Create: I Love Hand Lettering
    Design Your Own Quotes with 16 Scratch Boards and 4 Alphabet and Ornament Stencils
    Paperback      ISBN: 1631593900

    Scratch pages have dethroned adult coloring books in the world of adult activity books. Scrape off the coating to reveal beautiful scenes with Scratch & Create: I Love Hand Lettering.

    Adult coloring books are so 2015. Grab your stylus and dive into the awesome world of scratch art Each art page in Scratch & Create: I Love Hand Lettering is covered in a layer of silver, metallic coating. With the provided tool, you will etch, scrape, and scratch it away to reveal beautiful scenes beneath.

    What better way to unwind after a stressful day than with the simple, meditative, satisfying act of creating art? Scratch & Create: I Love Hand Lettering comes with 20 delightful, original postcard-style designs by Shandra Smith. Each page is easy to tear out, so once you've completed your masterpiece, you can display, frame, or even mail them. Grab your stylus and get scratching today You'll definitely be glad that you did.

    The Art of Lego Scale Modeling
    The Art of Lego Scale Modeling
    Hardcover      ISBN: 159327615x
    The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling displays amazing, fan-built LEGO recreations of real-life vehicles, showing off every amazing detail with high-quality photographs.

    You'll love poring over dozens of models, including Formula 1 racers, construction vehicles, ships, trains, airplanes, and all kinds of trucks.

    Authors Dennis Glaasker and Dennis Bosman share their own impressive LEGO models as well as highlight models from builders around the world. The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling also includes tips and tricks that describe the design and building process.
    David Bowie Play Book
    David Bowie Play Book
    Paperback      ISBN: 1851498427

    - The ultimate collector's coloring and activity-book dedicated to the clothes, songs, and key people and places in the career of legendary superstar David Bowie- The complete guide to Bowie's brilliant world For the duration of his career, David Bowie kept away from scripts imposed by others, choosing, for better or for worse, to write his own story of his life. From the Sixties until his death in 2016, he created a series of fictional figures, imagining them in full, designing, and translating them on stage, giving each its unique identity. The clothes, faces, and music of those years become subjects to color in, paper-dolls to dress, and board games to assemble in this, the ultimate collector's activity-book: to be approached with glue, scissors and coloring pencils, dedicated to all the fans of the legendary superstar.

    by Mensa
    Trade Paperback      ISBN: 1781774684
    Lost Icons of Rock Dot-To-Dot Portraits: 30 Legendary Musicians to Discover and Complete
    Lost Icons of Rock Dot-To-Dot Portraits
    30 Legendary Musicians to Discover and Complete
    Paperback      ISBN: 194202147x
    A dot-to-dot for fans of rock
    John Lennon. Prince. David Bowie. Freddie Mercury. Kurt Cobain. Janis Joplin. Amy Winehouse. Thirty instantly recognizable rock 'n' roll idols, gone too soon, star in these dot-to-dots. Music fans will enjoy watching the beloved faces of these lost icons emerge as they complete the puzzle. Then, after all the dots are connected, they can color the picture Each page is single-sided and perforated for easy removal, and the book comes in an attractive large format.