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Brain Games Mazes
Brain Games Mazes
Paperback      ISBN: 145080229x
Sumsearch: 100 Puzzles, Beginner to Expert
100 Puzzles, Beginner to Expert
Paperback      ISBN: 0764348809
LEGO: A Love Story
A Love Story
Hardcover      ISBN: 0470407026
Celebrates the phenomenon of adult fans of LEGO products, elevating the toy into a pop-culture icon, art medium, and key factor in robotics technology, as the author copes with becoming a master model builder and a father.
20 Ways to Draw a Doodle and 44 Other Zigzags, Twirls, Spirals, and Teardrops: A Sketchbook for Artists, Designers, and Doodlers
20 Ways to Draw a Doodle and 44 Other Zigzags, Twirls, Spirals, and Teardrops
A Sketchbook for Artists, Designers, and Doodlers
Paperback      ISBN: 1592539246
Perfect for artists, crafters, illustrators, cartoonists, comic artists, designers, and doodlers, this book offers inspiration, hints and tips to draw abstract shapes, lines, and patterns!
Pocket Posh Easy Sudoku 5: 100 Puzzles
Pocket Posh Easy Sudoku 5
100 Puzzles
Paperback      ISBN: 1449450865
Offering 100 Sudoku puzzles specifically created to be simple and quick to solve, Pocket Posh Easy Sudoku 5 is perfect for puzzlers of all skill levels. This collection of 100 Sudoku puzzles created for fast and easy solving is perfect for the advanced puzzler wanting a swift puzzle to solve or a beginner looking to tackle a realistic challenge. With more than 5 million copies in print, the Pocket Posh puzzle series is a great way to exercise your mind--and look great while doing it! A free trial subscription to The Puzzle Society adds extra value.
100 Things to Draw With a Circle: Start With a Shape, Doodle What You See
100 Things to Draw With a Circle
Start With a Shape, Doodle What You See
Paperback      ISBN: 1631591371
What comes to mind when you think of a circle? Depending on its size, it could be a planet, a manhole cover, an orange, a leopard's spot. What if there are lots of circles on a page? Depending on how they're placed, they might suggest a galaxy of stars or a bunch of grapes, a flea circus, or a polkadotted dress. It all depends on who is doing the looking. A follow-up to100 Things to Doodle With a Triangle, this is the second in a series of draw-in books based on geometric shapes. 100 Things to Draw With a Circle is a doodling book that loosens the imagination, and inspires creative thought. Circles and other basic geometric shapes are at the core of art, they're the structures where form and drawing begin. In this book, illustrator Sarah Walsh provides you with circles that appear as prompts on every page: one or many, large and small, colorful or not, peeking from the bottom or tumbling from the top -- you fill in the rest. If one triangle suggests a game of checkers and another a snowman, one a drop of rain in a puddle, or another a patch of dandelions, a circle is meaningless until you decide what it wants to be. The simplest of shapes brings you back to the basics and lets you create anything you can see in your imagination. Abstract or realistic, minimal or over-the-top, there are no wrong choices in this book -- and you don't have to be a master at drawing. Pick up your pencil, see what the shapes suggest and where your imagination leads you.
Jane Austen Paper Dolls: Four Classic Characters
Jane Austen Paper Dolls
Four Classic Characters
Paperback      ISBN: 0486492222
Inspired by the ever-popular English novelist's most famous works, this collection features four dolls from Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. Dress Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, as well as Elinor Dashwood and Edward Ferrars, in 24 Regency-era costumes, including outfits for travel, weddings, society balls, and rambles through country gardens.
The Lego Book
The Lego Book
Hardcover      ISBN: 0756656230
Offers an illustrated history of the Lego Group and its minifigure, along with a montage of the building sets, theme and park sets, and minifigures created throughout the century.
Puzzlegrams: A Colorful, Challenging Collection of 178 Classic Puzzles
A Colorful, Challenging Collection of 178 Classic Puzzles
Paperback      ISBN: 0671687409
Provides more than a hundred puzzles dealing with logic, spatial relationships, language, code, symbols, and mazes
Beautiful Lego
Beautiful Lego
Paperback      ISBN: 1593275080
Beautiful LEGO is a curated gallery of mind-boggling, awe-inspiring, and masterful LEGO creations. It features the work of some of the most creative minds working in LEGO today, whose art ranges from incredibly lifelike replicas of everyday objects—a slice of pie, an antique phone, a classic keyboard synthesizer—to evocative and unusual imaginings of spaceships, mansions, characters, and creatures of all kinds. Each sculpture is incredibly unique, ambitious, clever, and artful. As you pour through the book again and again, you'll find something novel and jaw-dropping on each page.