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On Snooker: The Game and the Characters Who Play It
On Snooker
The Game and the Characters Who Play It
Hardcover      ISBN: 1585741795

"On Snooker" is a brilliant, witty, and compact look at the game of snooker -- past and present -- by one of the world's great novelists. It takes a close look at the odd origins of the game, born the illegitimate child of billiards on a British Indian Army base in the nineteenth century and in 1985 attracting 18.5 million television viewers who stayed up past midnight to watch the World Championship at the Crucible in Sheffield, England.

The central figure of the book is Stephen Hendry, probably the most talented snooker player ever, who recently sought a record-breaking eighth world title. But "On Snooker" also explores the game's other fascinating characters, from Alex Higgins, Cliff Thorburn (a Canadian and the first nonBrit to win the title), Kirk Stevens, and Jimmy White to Ronnie O'Sullivan. Young O'Sullivan, perhaps the game's most gifted natural talent, is a troubled man; his father, a former porn dealer ("Ron's the name, porn's the game") is serving a life sentence for murder. In addition, Richler visits the craftsman who makes cues for the champions and interviews the agents and groupies who follow the players on the circuit.

The fascinating world of snooker has never been explored with such pith and perception. Like Joyce Carol Oates's book on boxing, "On Snooker" is a book all lovers of sport and superb sports writing will cherish.

The Ultimate Book of Darts: A Complete Guide to Games, Gear, Terms, and Rules
The Ultimate Book of Darts
A Complete Guide to Games, Gear, Terms, and Rules
Paperback      ISBN: 1620877856

Share in the euphoria that comes of the "kill shot" by learning the skills and techniques required to play a great game of darts. From the history of the sport to choosing the right type of equipment, The Ultimate Book of Darts is written in an accessible style that is perfect for both novices and seasoned professionals. Dart throwing is now a global phenomenon with new players emerging every day. This amazing sport demands remarkable precision and an agile mind from its competitors. Learn the rules for playing team games and tips for improving your score and ability for more advanced competitions.

Author Anne Kramer focuses on the mechanics of dart throwing by discussing the pros and cons of various stances, such as toes square to the line versus one foot behind the other. This guide emphasizes good form over accuracy. If you develop good form, the accuracy will follow. Aside from mechanics this book also discusses the necessary equipment from types of darts to board materials, dimensions, and mounting. Whether you're an expert marksman who competes in a pub league or a guy who just enjoys throwing sharp objects, this is the go-to guide to a longstanding and fun tradition.