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My Love Affair With England: A Traveler's Memoir
My Love Affair With England
A Traveler's Memoir
Paperback      ISBN: 0345385659

Writing a love letter to Great Britain, the America author celebrates badger-watching in the countryside, the London theatre, ghost-hunting, tour guiding students, and other pleasures of traveling through England. Reprint.

Food and Feast in the World of the Blue Bells Chronicles: A  Gastronomic, Historic, Poetic, Musical  Romp Through Time
Food and Feast in the World of the Blue Bells Chronicles
A Gastronomic, Historic, Poetic, Musical Romp Through Time
Trade Paperback      ISBN: 1938990242

Warning: This is Not a Cookbook Food and Feast does, however, contain over a hundred recipes--medieval recipes in their original medieval form, medieval recipes in modern terms, traditional Scottish recipes, modern midwest American, recipes for eating in the wilderness, and even exotic and slightly dangerous recipes, drawn from scenes in the acclaimed Blue Bells Chronicles. In an eclectic mix, Food and Feast also digs into tasty morsels of history, succulent songs, meaty medieval philosophy, and medieval and Scottish poems, about food and drink. Here be fire-breathing roasts and live bird pies alongside oatcakes cooked on the campaign trail.

You Are Worth It: 52 Weeks to Honoring, Loving, and Nurturing Your Soul
You Are Worth It
52 Weeks to Honoring, Loving, and Nurturing Your Soul
Paperback      ISBN: 1940014328

Nourish your spirit through examining your hopes and dreams. Relish in your friendships, courage, and possibilities. Seek joy and wisdom in day-to-day life, and above all else, remember that you are more than good enough. You Are Worth It is a journey through encouraging and uplifting affirmations. Through 52 weeks of guided challenges and declarations, you'll be brought to a place of self-acceptance and gratitude. After a year's worth of work on yourself, you'll be excited to embrace the limitless possibilities that await you with a confident and abundant mindset.

Answer to Your Question
Answer to Your Question
Trade Paperback      ISBN: 0988518988

How well can you really know the people you love, even your own son? Four young women are murdered, and he's the suspect . . . After raising her son, Ben, as a single parent, librarian Inga Daudelin is blindsided when he is accused of the murders of four young women. At the same time, Jean, a young, pregnant waif who seems both simple and wise, "imprints" on Inga at work, drawing her into an unusual friendship. When Ben kidnaps Jean, Inga and lead detective Ron O'Loughlin, with whom she is falling in love, search for the two, who along with Jean's baby, have formed a strange but human family. "This wonderful novel is a success at every level--an engrossing thriller and a nuanced examination of love--written with artful directness. I loved every word and could not put it down." -- Scott Turow

Ride Minnesota: 23 Great Motorcycle Rides in the North Star State
Ride Minnesota
23 Great Motorcycle Rides in the North Star State
Paperback      ISBN: 1481960849

Ride Minnesota is a motorcyclist's guide to some of the most beautiful and exciting rides in the North Star State. The author and her husband rode every mile of each of the 23 motorcycle routes described in the book. They circumnavigated the state and set foot in all four corners. The book includes maps, photos and recommendations for hotels and restaurants.

Mapping Your Retirement: A Personal Guide to Maintaining Your Health, Managing Your Money, and Living Well
Mapping Your Retirement
A Personal Guide to Maintaining Your Health, Managing Your Money, and Living Well
Paperback      ISBN: 0979468809

A first of its kind, Mapping Your Retirement is a step-by step, hands-on guide and workbook based on your values, interests, and resources. Representing the research and knowledge of 15 contributors with extensive backgrounds in their fields of expertise, Mapping Your Retirement focuses on three key components: maintaining your health, managing your money, and living life fully. One of 77 million baby boomers reaches 50 every 7 seconds. Studies show that most people do not plan sufficiently for retirement. Those who do often reduce the plan to numbers: How much should I save? Will it be enough? But finances are only one part of the equation. Having purpose in life, doing what matters, nurturing rewarding relationships, maintaining your health, and contributing to something larger than the self are just as essential.

Ride Lake Superior
Ride Lake Superior
Paperback      ISBN: 1517462711

Riding the Lake Superior Circle Tour is on many a motorcyclist's bucket list. "Ride Lake Superior" is one rider's story and guide to discovering the beauty of Lake Superior from the back of her husband's motorcycle. Includes travel tips, motorcycle routes not on the "official" Circle Tour, U.S.-Canadian border crossing tips.

Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss: Personal and Professional Insights on the Animal Lover's Unique Grieving Process
Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss
Personal and Professional Insights on the Animal Lover's Unique Grieving Process
Paperback      ISBN: 161539981x

Author Sid Korpi explains, “The pain of losing a beloved animal companion is unlike any other. However, because our society on the whole discounts our grief as frivolous since we've "merely lost an animal," too many of us feel we must keep silent in our anguish or be labeled somehow defective. Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss ends the misperception that we must suffer in solitary confinement and thus prolong, or stay permanently stuck in, our grief. The book melds the author's personal perspectives, as both a pet lover and animal chaplain, and astounding stories with those of professionals (such as veterinarians, animal communicators, and religious leaders) and other animal lovers the world over to help you make the pet-grieving process as positive as possible.

Murder at Spirit Falls
Murder at Spirit Falls
Paperback      ISBN: 0878396144

Perched above Spirit Falls in the lush Wisconsin woodland, Robin Bentley's cabin is remote enough for her and her book club friends to shed the restraints of city living, hike in the woods, take moonlight walks and go skinny dipping under the waterfall. But when a body washes up below the falls, the No Ordinary Women find themselves up to their bifocals in a real mystery. And one of them could be the next victim.

Spirits of Pepin, Volume 4
Spirits of Pepin, Volume 4
Paperback      ISBN: 1682010325

A summer boating excursion on Lake Pepin takes a nasty turn when the five members of the No Ordinary Women book club discover a body aboard the Wayward Wind. Louise and Robin begin to suspect murder, but only after unwittingly destroying evidence on the ill-fated sailboat. A local paranormal investigator gets caught up in the mystery as the amateur sleuths once more put themselves in danger in their rush to prevent other would-be victims from a watery death.