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Roots & Ties: A Scrapbook of Northeast Memories
Roots & Ties
A Scrapbook of Northeast Memories
Paperback      ISBN: 0931714958
Gennyís book about northeast Minneapolis began when her grandparentsí handmade trunk came into her possession. Full of family history, the trunk enticed her to delve into the chronicles of the neighborhoods that she and so many others called home.
A Wretched Man: A Novel of Paul the Apostle
A Wretched Man
A Novel of Paul the Apostle
Paperback      ISBN: 1935098217
Saint Paul was a sinner. He never met Jesus, but he experienced the famous conversion on the road to Damascus long after the Messiah had been crucified. Paul believed his Damascus experience had healed his guilty soul, but Jesus' own brother doubted Paul's tale.James' rejection spurred Paul to hike the Roman highways of the Mediterranean world to proclaim the truth of Damascus, over and over again, if not for James' approval, then for his own. Had he not been healed at Damascus? And then there was the stinging thorn in his flesh that kept the guilty wound on his soul festering. Journey to the first century world of the Roman empire. Here you will encounter emperors and slaves, Jews and Greeks, and men and women lifted from the pages of the New Testament as they stumble forward following the death of Jesus, unwitting midwives to the birth of Christianity. Follow Paul and James as they contend for the soul of the newborn Jesus movement; their struggle is the story of Christian origins.
Young Chicken Farmers: Tips for Kids Raising Backyard Chickens
Young Chicken Farmers
Tips for Kids Raising Backyard Chickens
Hardcover      ISBN: 1592985556
Would you like to be a young chicken farmer? Believe it or not, you don't have to live on a farm to raise chickens–chicken farmers live in rural areas, suburbs, and even in inner cities. Caring for chickens can be easy once you learn how to keep them safe, healthy, and happy. Young Chicken Farmers: Tips for Kids Raising Back¬yard Chickens will teach you how to care for your flock and have fun at the same time.
Spirits of Pepin
Spirits of Pepin
Paperback      ISBN: 1682010325
A summer boating excursion on Lake Pepin takes a nasty turn when the five members of the No Ordinary Women book club discover a body aboard the Wayward Wind. Louise and Robin begin to suspect murder, but only after unwittingly destroying evidence on the ill-fated sailboat. A local paranormal investigator gets caught up in the mystery as the amateur sleuths once more put themselves in danger in their rush to prevent other would-be victims from a watery death.
Miriam's Words: The Personal Price of a Public Life
Miriam's Words: The Personal Price of a Public Life
Paperback      ISBN: 098904890x
The Silver Arrow Illustrated
The Silver Arrow Illustrated
Paperback      ISBN: 0998281646
British Hindu Bible
British Hindu Bible
      SKU: 281AKJ1014728
The Dance Boots
The Dance Boots
Paperback      ISBN: 0820342173
In this stirring collection of linked stories, Linda LeGarde Grover portrays an Ojibwe community struggling to follow traditional ways of life in the face of a relentlessly changing world. In the title story an aunt recounts the harsh legacy of Indian boarding schools that tried to break the indigenous culture. In doing so she passes on to her niece the Ojibwe tradition of honoring elders through their stories. In “Refugees Living and Dying in the West End of Duluth,
Getting Naked for Money: An Accidental Travel Writer Reveals All
Getting Naked for Money
An Accidental Travel Writer Reveals All
Paperback      ISBN: 1537415042
A Brooklyn-born poetry PhD moves west and finds her mojo Author, blogger, freelance writer, and recovering academic, Edie Jarolim has written an acerbic and racy memoir that’s also inspirational – especially for late starters and single women. Approaching middle age, Edie took a brave step, something many people just fantasize about: She quit her job in travel publishing at Fodor’s, left her hometown of New York City, and moved to Tucson, Arizona, to become a writer. This book proves that it was a smart move. Her wickedly funny prose spares no one she encounters, least of all herself. Getting Naked for Money is named for, and includes the story of, an assignment by a women’s magazine to go to a nudist resort, undercover – and uncovered. The author isn’t a typical travel journalist. She has no sense of direction, is afraid of heights, and is a klutz. She also had a phobia of driving, which she overcame. Working on the editorial desks of three major travel publishers and one city newspaper, Jarolim pulls back the curtain on press trips, comps, and travel writing conferences, calling out hypocrisy from both sides of the writer/editor divide. She also takes on the hospitality industry; she’ll never get another free spa treatment or be hosted at a B&B again. But her adventures -- everywhere from Egypt and Mexico to Easter Island, from Las Vegas to the Texas Hill Country -- are warmly humorous, relatable, and sometimes poignant. Anyone who has stumbled along a meandering career path rather than striding purposefully towards a goal will be heartened by this story.
Viva El Verano
Viva El Verano
Paperback      ISBN: 1540831701
Viva El Verano is an obnoxiously millennial memoir about an ex-brethren child stumbling upon adulthood, sexuality, and feminism in Kitty's 20's. As the universe has presented her with learning moments in enthusiastic consent, nude photography, polyamory, rape culture/purity movement, and cosmic love, Kitty finds therapeutic release in unpacking all of her dusty old secrets in self-published, narcissistic, yet limitlessly vulnerable fashion.