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Those Three Words: A Birth Mother's Story of Choice, Chance, and Motherhood
Those Three Words
A Birth Mother's Story of Choice, Chance, and Motherhood
Paperback      ISBN: 1634891198
A mother recounts the story of giving her daughter up for adoption and subsequently reconnecting.
Storm Prayers: Retrieving and Reimagining Matters of the Soul
Storm Prayers
Retrieving and Reimagining Matters of the Soul
Paperback      ISBN: 0878397736
“Disillusionment with the church of her upbringing separated Patricia Hoolihan from her family and some true north in her spirit, until, lying near death at twenty-seven, she opened to mystery and grace. With the humility of the seeker, she listened anew to her family of storytellers: the unforgettable Bernie and Gert, the high-flying Uncle Dan, the tales of her Irish ancestors. Here’s a spirit so open to beauty, humor, and love that you’ll feel lucky to know her. And you’ll feel that you do know her if you’ve ever lost faith in true north. Patricia Hoolihan knows how to tell a story. Her voice is artful and honest, and she’s brought a fierce consciousness to that slipperiest of subjects—the ties that both bind, and bind us to one another.
You This Close
You This Close
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1945063041
Poetry. llustrations by Jessica Zeglin. YOU THIS CLOSE is a rippling work encompassing love and water, longing and the natural world. Su Smallen wrote these poems during a residency with the St. Croix Watershed Research Station, where she learned about aquifers and diatoms from the scientists there, kindred in their curiosity about the elegant ways nature works. With imagery from the river and its creatures, the poems of YOU THIS CLOSE are linked together with the last line of one becoming the first line of the next, making a structure that matches a kind of diatom chain. The poems are also about hope for love, addressing a beloved not yet met.
The River Road: Becoming a Runner in 1972
The River Road
Becoming a Runner in 1972
Paperback      ISBN: 1533191883
THE RIVER ROAD is an evocative novel of becoming a runner in 1972. Filled with compelling stories of runners, running, history, the 1972 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials and the Munich Olympics, it brings to life an era in which the U.S. competed for gold in nearly every distance running event. As many of the sport’s icons dominate their events in Eugene and prepare for Munich, fifteen-year-old Lenny prepares for his first season of varsity cross country. Inspired by Jim Ryun, Frank Shorter and Steve Prefontaine, Lenny also learns that Olympic distance runners have come from Minnesota and trained on the same River Road on which he runs. A world of running lore that he never knew existed is opened to him and helps him begin to explore and realize his own ability to run.
Forgotten Spirits: A No Ordinary Women Mystery
Forgotten Spirits
A No Ordinary Women Mystery
Paperback      ISBN: 087839768x
It's shaping up to be a beautiful Christmas season, until someone from Foxy's past winds up dead. Fearing she's being stalked by her friend's killer, Foxy flees to a resort in northern Minnesota. But trouble follows her. Setting aside their holiday plans, Robin, Cate and the rest of the No Ordinary Women book club mobilize to come to her aid, but a blizzard may keep them from getting there in time. An almost forgotten memory from Foxy's checkered past will determine whether or not she becomes the next victim.
Gol: A Curated Guide for the Modern Day Job Hunt
A Curated Guide for the Modern Day Job Hunt
Paperback      ISBN: 1634890418
Are you stuck, uninspired, or lacking the time to chart a new course for your next career? Through words of wisdom and focused activities, you'll unlock a career plan and design a strategy to achieve your personal and professional goals.Let Gol shift your mindset and spark new ideas. In these pages lies your roadmap to reflect, jumpstart, and sustain the search for your dream job. Each chapter leads you through a journey of self-discovery, to easily navigate effective resume writing, networking, and interviewing. Ready. Set. Gol.
Young Chicken Farmers: Tips for Kids Raising Backyard Chickens
Young Chicken Farmers
Tips for Kids Raising Backyard Chickens
Hardcover      ISBN: 1592985556
Would you like to be a young chicken farmer? Believe it or not, you don't have to live on a farm to raise chickens–chicken farmers live in rural areas, suburbs, and even in inner cities. Caring for chickens can be easy once you learn how to keep them safe, healthy, and happy. Young Chicken Farmers: Tips for Kids Raising Back¬yard Chickens will teach you how to care for your flock and have fun at the same time.
A Stranger's Journey: Race, Identity, and Narrative Craft in Writing
A Stranger's Journey
Race, Identity, and Narrative Craft in Writing
Paperback      ISBN: 0820353469

Long recognized as a master teacher at writing programs like VONA, the Loft, and the Stonecoast MFA, with A Stranger’s Journey, David Mura has written a book on creative writing that addresses our increasingly diverse American literature. Mura argues for a more inclusive and expansive definition of craft, particularly in relationship to race, even as he elucidates timeless rules of narrative construction in fiction and memoir. His essays offer technique-focused readings of writers such as Junot Díaz, ZZ Packer, Maxine Hong Kingston, Mary Karr, and Sherman Alexie, while making compelling connections to Mura’s own life and work as a Japanese American writer.

In A Stranger’s Journey, Mura poses two central questions. The first involves identity: How is writing an exploration of who one is and one’s place in the world? Mura examines how the myriad identities in our changing contemporary canon have led to new challenges regarding both craft and pedagogy. Here, like Toni Morrison’s Playing in the Dark or Jeff Chang’s Who We Be, A Stranger’s Journey breaks new ground in our understanding of the relationship between the issues of race, literature, and culture.

The book’s second central question involves structure: How does one tell a story? Mura provides clear, insightful narrative tools that any writer may use, taking in techniques from fiction, screenplays, playwriting, and myth. Through this process, Mura candidly explores the newly evolved aesthetic principles of memoir and how questions of identity occupy a central place in contemporary memoir.

The 3 Days
The 3 Days
Trade Paperback      ISBN: 0976903164
Ride Lake Superior
Ride Lake Superior
Paperback      ISBN: 1517462711
Riding the Lake Superior Circle Tour is on many a motorcyclist's bucket list. "Ride Lake Superior" is one rider's story and guide to discovering the beauty of Lake Superior from the back of her husband's motorcycle. Includes travel tips, motorcycle routes not on the "official" Circle Tour, U.S.-Canadian border crossing tips.