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Retail Schmetail: One Hundred Years, Two Immigrants, Three Generations, Four Hundred Projects
Retail Schmetail
One Hundred Years, Two Immigrants, Three Generations, Four Hundred Projects
Hardcover      ISBN: 159298956x

Retail Schmetail is a lively, thorough, and slightly irreverent examination of 100 years of American retailing. Twin brothers and mid-century entrepreneurs Al and Lou Stein ran a Milwaukee shop that seemed more like a garage sale than a bona fide retail operation. While neither of these from the gut marketing guys had a formal education, they compensated for it with their ingenuity, drive, and legendary sense of humor. Al's oldest son, Sandy, spent countless hours observing antics and absorbing insights in this petri dish of fifties consumerism. This primed him for a wide-ranging career in retail design and consumer trending, shared in these pages. Here he lifts the veil on the psychological, emotional, and design constructs that separate the defining brands from the also-rans, with clear insight on what the virtual reinvention of retail means for all of us. No guide is more qualified than Sandy Stein to tell us why we buy what we buy, and how we'll buy and sell in the future. Ret

Spirited Away
Spirited Away
Paperback      ISBN: 087839656x

The No Ordinary Women are back Robin Bentley and Cate Running Wolf have been through a lot together. Not that long ago, they risked their lives to solve a murder. You'd think they'd learn. But when ninety-six-year-old Era Dudley, a spry, compact woman with mauve hair, charges toward Robin, points a bony finger in her chest and demands she help locate her missing son, Robin can't resist drawing Cate and the No Ordinary Women book club into yet another mystery. They're not without help, however. Era and the other lovable and quirky residents of Meadowpoint Manor are not about to be sidelined, despite their advanced years.

Last Man on Campus
Last Man on Campus
Paperback      ISBN: 0878397981

Micheal Sinclair did not want to attend Malworth University. The smallest major campus in Minnesota, located in the sleepy western town of Cold River, was never the ideal space to find himself. And once Mike discovers the secrets that lay behind the school and the town, he delves into a mystery that could change his entire life. Does he dare become the Last Man on Campus?

Ride Lake Superior
Ride Lake Superior
Paperback      ISBN: 1517462711

Riding the Lake Superior Circle Tour is on many a motorcyclist's bucket list. "Ride Lake Superior" is one rider's story and guide to discovering the beauty of Lake Superior from the back of her husband's motorcycle. Includes travel tips, motorcycle routes not on the "official" Circle Tour, U.S.-Canadian border crossing tips.

The Last Ferryman
The Last Ferryman
Paperback      ISBN: 1626524939

In 1939--and for several decades preceding that year--the only way to cross the river at Millerville, Illinois, was by ferry. It seemed there always was a ferry in Millerville. Buck Shyrock, the local ferryman, knew that better than most. Being a ferryman was in Buck's blood--his grandfather and father both had ferried folks across the Wabash, from the Illinois side to the Indiana side and back again. To Buck's way of thinking, Millerville was a "ferry town ... and it'll keep on bein' a ferry town." Even though in recent years there was talk of building a bridge across the river, that's all it was--just talk. Buck was sure of it.

Buck's certainty is shaken, however, by the appearance of Floyd Bailey, a roll of blueprints tucked firmly under his arm, and by the growing awareness that Bailey is to act as project engineer on the erection of a suspension bridge--a bridge that will mean the end of Buck's way of life.

Spirits of Pepin, Volume 4
Spirits of Pepin, Volume 4
Paperback      ISBN: 1682010325

A summer boating excursion on Lake Pepin takes a nasty turn when the five members of the No Ordinary Women book club discover a body aboard the Wayward Wind. Louise and Robin begin to suspect murder, but only after unwittingly destroying evidence on the ill-fated sailboat. A local paranormal investigator gets caught up in the mystery as the amateur sleuths once more put themselves in danger in their rush to prevent other would-be victims from a watery death.

Dog Medicine: How My Dog Saved Me from Myself
Dog Medicine
How My Dog Saved Me from Myself
Paperback      ISBN: 0986360783

At twenty-two, Julie Barton collapsed on her kitchen floor in Manhattan. She was one year out of college and severely depressed. Summoned by Julie's incoherent phone call, her mother raced from Ohio to New York and took her home.Psychiatrists, therapists and family tried to intervene, but nothing reached her until the day she decided to do one hopeful thing: adopt a Golden Retriever puppy she named Bunker.Dog Medicine captures in beautiful, elegiac language the anguish of depression, the slow path to recovery, and the astonishing way animals can heal even the most broken hearts and minds.

Roots & Ties: A Scrapbook of Northeast Memories
Roots & Ties
A Scrapbook of Northeast Memories
Paperback      ISBN: 0931714958

Genny√s book about northeast Minneapolis began when her grandparents√ handmade trunk came into her possession. Full of family history, the trunk enticed her to delve into the chronicles of the neighborhoods that she and so many others called home.

Gol: A Curated Guide for the Modern Day Job Hunt
A Curated Guide for the Modern Day Job Hunt
Paperback      ISBN: 1634890418

Are you stuck, uninspired, or lacking the time to chart a new course for your next career? Through words of wisdom and focused activities, you'll unlock a career plan and design a strategy to achieve your personal and professional goals. Let Gol shift your mindset and spark new ideas. In these pages lies your roadmap to reflect, jumpstart, and sustain the search for your dream job. Each chapter leads you through a journey of self-discovery, to easily navigate effective resume writing, networking, and interviewing. Ready. Set. Gol.

Mapping Your Retirement: A Personal Guide to Maintaining Your Health, Managing Your Money, and Living Well
Mapping Your Retirement
A Personal Guide to Maintaining Your Health, Managing Your Money, and Living Well
Paperback      ISBN: 0979468809

A first of its kind, Mapping Your Retirement is a step-by step, hands-on guide and workbook based on your values, interests, and resources. Representing the research and knowledge of 15 contributors with extensive backgrounds in their fields of expertise, Mapping Your Retirement focuses on three key components: maintaining your health, managing your money, and living life fully. One of 77 million baby boomers reaches 50 every 7 seconds. Studies show that most people do not plan sufficiently for retirement. Those who do often reduce the plan to numbers: How much should I save? Will it be enough? But finances are only one part of the equation. Having purpose in life, doing what matters, nurturing rewarding relationships, maintaining your health, and contributing to something larger than the self are just as essential.