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X/1999 Overture
X/1999 Overture
by Clamp
Paperback      ISBN: 1569311897

This supernatural saga begins when teenager Kamui loses his entire family in a mysterious accident. Kamui finds that he is heir to a bizarre destiny that could determine the fate of the entire world.

Gravitation 4
Gravitation 4
Paperback      ISBN: 1591823366

Shuichi's debut single is rising up the charts, but Taki Aizawa, the leader of rival band ASK, finds out about his relationship with Eiri. On top of all that, Eiri has declared their relationship over What's going on?

Fushigi Yugi, Volume 2: Oracle
Fushigi Yugi, Volume 2
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 156931439x

Transported to the Universe of the Four Gods, Miaka is saved from the Imperial Guards when she is proclaimed to be the Priestess of Suzaku. But now she must deal with the lovestruck Emperor and the ire of his would-be bride.

Rebirth 1
Rebirth 1
by Woo
Paperback      ISBN: 1591822165

Three hundred years ago the Sorcerer Kalutika Maybus sealed the vampire Deshwitat in limbo after killing his fiancee, Lilith. For centuries, Deshwitat's mind calculated revenge while his body slumbered... until now. A band of spiritual investigators has inadvertently broken the seal that binds him and released Deshwitat to the world.

Vampire Game
Vampire Game
by Judal
Paperback      ISBN: 1591823714

Darres receives information from Yujinn that Ishtar's three cousins may not have blood ties to Phelios. They may not be eligible for Ishtar's hand in marriage or the throne of Pheliosta. On the eve of the final match the future of Ishtar and the throne of Pheliosta are at stake.

Fushigi Yugi the Mysterious Play: Castaway
Fushigi Yugi the Mysterious Play
Paperback      ISBN: 1591160375

The ceremony to summon the Suzaku has been ruined by Amiboshi, a Seiryu warrior posing as Chiriko. When hope seems lost, Tai Yi Jun appears from a flame and tells Miaka of the Jewel of the Northern God that may be the key to completing the ceremony. But Miaka also learns that to lure the Suzaku, she must be a virgin. Can she bring herself to sever her relationship with Tamahome? A sweeping saga.... Watase has an excellent grasp of characterization. Wizard magazine

by Clamp
Paperback      ISBN: 1569314748

Apocalyptic, complex, and infused with magic, X/1999 follows Kamui, a young psychic, as he wrestles with his destiny -- and the world's. Forced into cosmic battle, Kamui must contend with science's latest creation, a genetically engineered psychic.

Love Hina 6
Love Hina 6
Paperback      ISBN: 1591820170

At the age of 5, Keitaro and his childhood sweetheart promised to meet again as students at Japans most prestigious University. Now 20, he can't pass the exam...or even remember the girls name A fluke job at an all girls dormitory may be his last chance. In the series that inspired the new hit anime with American Pie-style humor, Love Hina proves that love conquers all, even stupidity.

X-1999: Sonata
by Clamp
Paperback      ISBN: 1569312273
Fushigi Yugi the Msterious Play: Bandit
Fushigi Yugi the Msterious Play
Paperback      ISBN: 1569315523

In this series, the most popular new shojo (girls') manga in America, a Tokyo schoolgirl becomes the savior of an empire.