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Love Hina 2
Love Hina 2
Paperback      ISBN: 1931514976

Keitaro (main character) has had great difficulty getting into the university of his choice and no luck meeting women. In a desperate effort to go into seclusion and study for entry exams, he volunteers to take over running his grandmother's hotel. His plans are ruined when he discovers that the hotel is actually an all-girls dormitory.

Inuyasha 5
Inuyasha 5
Paperback      ISBN: 1591160529

Series Description: Japanese schoolgirl Kagome stumbles into an ancient well and falls back to 16th century Japan. There she becomes the protector of a feudal village, the master -- and friend -- of Inu-Yasha, a hot-tempered half-demon dog boy; and the caretaker of the magical Shikon jewel that holds back the demonic forces of the past Continuing on their quest to track down more shards of the shattered magic jewel, Inu-Yasha, Kagome, and Shippo meet a young girl named Nazuma fleeing from a horder of Spider-Head demons. Then a hideous ogress steals the bones of Kikyo, the priestess who "killed" Inu-Yasha so many years ago. Can the trio stop her plan to bring the dead priestess back to life?

Fushigi Yugi the Msterious Play: Bandit
Fushigi Yugi the Msterious Play
Paperback      ISBN: 1569315523

In this series, the most popular new shojo (girls') manga in America, a Tokyo schoolgirl becomes the savior of an empire.

Fushigi Yugi the Mysterious Play: Castaway
Fushigi Yugi the Mysterious Play
Paperback      ISBN: 1591160375

The ceremony to summon the Suzaku has been ruined by Amiboshi, a Seiryu warrior posing as Chiriko. When hope seems lost, Tai Yi Jun appears from a flame and tells Miaka of the Jewel of the Northern God that may be the key to completing the ceremony. But Miaka also learns that to lure the Suzaku, she must be a virgin. Can she bring herself to sever her relationship with Tamahome? A sweeping saga.... Watase has an excellent grasp of characterization. Wizard magazine

Rebirth 1
Rebirth 1
by Woo
Paperback      ISBN: 1591822165

Three hundred years ago the Sorcerer Kalutika Maybus sealed the vampire Deshwitat in limbo after killing his fiancee, Lilith. For centuries, Deshwitat's mind calculated revenge while his body slumbered... until now. A band of spiritual investigators has inadvertently broken the seal that binds him and released Deshwitat to the world.

Love Hina 7
Love Hina 7
Paperback      ISBN: 1591820189

In his enduring struggle to be accepted into the hallowed halls of Tokyo University, Keitaro Urashima takes another stab at the grueling entrance exam. But living in a household of beautiful, young, nubile women can get a bit distracting, especially since Keitaro has fallen head over heels in love with one of them, the fair Naru. Of course, the thirteen-year old Shinobu has fallen in love with Keitaro, and...well, it's always a romp-filled farce for the residents at Hinata House.

Fushigi Yugi, Volume 2: Oracle
Fushigi Yugi, Volume 2
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 156931439x

Transported to the Universe of the Four Gods, Miaka is saved from the Imperial Guards when she is proclaimed to be the Priestess of Suzaku. But now she must deal with the lovestruck Emperor and the ire of his would-be bride.

Chobits 4
Chobits 4
by Clamp
Paperback      ISBN: 1591820073

When Hideki initially found Chi, his persocom companion, he knew that her original owner might one day come looking for her. Now, that moment Hideki feared has finally come to pass, and what happens is completed unexpected. But even as he is in danger of losing Chi, Hideki makes a new friend when he inherits another laptop persocom.

.Hack//Legend of the Twilight 1: //Legend of the Twilight
.Hack//Legend of the Twilight 1
//Legend of the Twilight
Paperback      ISBN: 1591824141

Welcome to The World, the most advanced online game ever created. 14-year-old twins Shugo and Rena win a contest that lets them play as legendary hackers' avatars. When a high level monster attacks the Level 1 players as soon as they start, the game's administrators know something is wrong in The World.

Sorcerer Hunters
Sorcerer Hunters
Paperback      ISBN: 1892213540

In a world where merciless Sorcerers enslave defenseless Parsoners with their evil enchantments, it is down to three men and two women - the Sorcerer Hunters - to protect the world from wizards gone wrong.