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Tractors and Farm Vehicles
Tractors and Farm Vehicles
Paperback      ISBN: 155407620x

The Mighty Machines series. Mighty machines in full color for the kids who love them.

In the Mighty Machines series, vivid color photographs of machines at work jump off the page. Large type describes the machines, their parts and their uses. Glossaries explain essential terms, and suggested activities add to the fun. The big format and vibrant designs make the books perfect for kids to read alone or share with a friend.

With their lively designs and topics that are always a favorite with kids, these books offer popular subject matter and excellent value.

Traveling down the highway, kids often see spiderlike harvesters and dust-raising tractors working in a field and wonder what these extraordinary vehicles are doing. This book shows all kinds of wheeled farm equipment at work, including:

  • Tractors and their enormous wheels
  • Plows
  • Seed drills
  • Field weeders and crop sprayers
  • Vegetable harvesters
  • Combine harvesters
  • Straw balers
  • The sport and fun of a tractor race
  • All Aboard the London Bus
    All Aboard the London Bus
    School & Library      ISBN: 1847808573
    Come Board the London Bus
    and see the London sights with us.
    At any time, hop off, explore
    Then climb back on, and ride some more...

    As a family of four spend a day exploring London, fun, child-friendly poems introduce readers to our wonderful capital city, and all its secrets. Well-known landmarks like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the London Eye, plus inescapable features like rain and taking tea, all get Patty Toht's witty treatment. Non-fiction facts provide more information about the poetry subjects, while rising star Sam Usher brings them to life with his signature style and humour. This gorgeous celebration of London will be loved by both tourists and those who call the city home.
    Expandable Explorations: Mega Machines
    Expandable Explorations
    Mega Machines
    Hardcover      ISBN: 1684126711
    Get an up-close look at mega machines

    Get ready for an in-depth exploration inside incredible mega machines. From super-fast bullet trains to high-tech space stations, these brightly illustrated pages let you explore each machine before expanding the large slide-out pages to discover how they really work.
    Paperback      ISBN: 0064431452

    Byron Barton introduces young readers to the fun of the airport in this bold and colorful book. From the excitement of arrival to the wonder of taking off, Airport captures all the magic of an airport with joyous and powerful images and simple text. Perfect for fans of Richard Scarry and Tom Lichtenheld

    Supports the Common Core State Standards.

    Supersize Cross Sections: Inside Engines
    Supersize Cross Sections
    Inside Engines
    Hardcover      ISBN: 1786038013
    Get ready for a journey like no other as you explore 15 of the most awesome supersize vehicle cross sections!

    Blast into space on the Saturn V Rocket Launcher and learn all about how this amazing machine made it to the moon. Delve to the bottom of the ocean on a nuclear-powered submarine and explore the watertight compartments. Relax in style as you rumble across Europe in the luxurious Orient Express.

    With bite-size captions and cutaway diagrams, each spread features a different and exciting machine, showing and telling its inside story. Discover what life on board these amazing vessels is like:
    • Adventure Galley, a giant sailing ship captained by the famous pirate William Kidd
    • The Orient Express, the luxury train that traveled all the way across Europe to the Orient
    • RMS Titanic, the great passenger line that famously sank on its maiden voyage
    • LZ 129 Hindenburg Zeppelin, the airship that was destroyed in a disastrous fire
    • M4A4 Sherman tank, the American armored fighting vehicle used in WWII
    • Saturn V rocket launcher, which transported satellites, probes, and astronauts into space
    • R.V. Calypso, the world-famous research vessel
    • International Space Station, the giant space laboratory
    • Fishing trawler, an enormous industrial fishing vessel
    • Nuclear-powered attack submarine, a special military vessel
    • Fire engine, with all the necessary equipment to get a fire under control
    • Houseboat, a floating home
    • Airbus A380, the longest, widest, and heaviest airplane ever made
    • Circus convoy, transporting everything from equipment to artists, from elephants to popcorn
    • Tunnel boring machine, used to excavate tunnels
    Fasten your seat belts and bon voyage!
    Kids Meet the Emergency and Rescue Vehicles
    Kids Meet the Emergency and Rescue Vehicles
    Hardcover      ISBN: 1604334681

    Vroom vroom Beep beep Honk honk Woooop wooooop Make way for these emergency vehicles coming to the rescue

    Kids Meet the Emergency Vehicles, the latest addition to the popular Kids Meet series, teaches kids in a fun and friendly manner about some common and unusual emergency vehicles including fire trucks, police cruisers, ambulances, rescue helicopters, motorbikes and more Kids will learn how the vehicles work, what their purposes are, about the heroic crews behind them, and the amazing rescues they respond to. Each spread features a different emergency vehicle complete with full color illustrations and a die cut. Fascinating images, simple dialogue, and personal narratives will keep kids engaged throughout the entire book
    Construction Machines
    Construction Machines
    Paperback      ISBN: 0228101115

    An interactive reader experience that poses the question: which machine is best for the job?

    Children love machines Especially big ones Big ones in the dirt Construction Machines is a new take on the world of big machines. It looks at a specific job that needs doing, then provides information on the right machine to do it, whether a digger, steam roller, excavator, loader or bulldozer.

    The book includes sections on quarrying stone, laying a road, building a skyscraper, digging a tunnel, and demolishing a building. Each section begins with a construction scene and asks "what sort of big machines can get this job done?" A sidebar gives the reader different machine options and subsequent spreads take a detailed look at the amazing machines that are up to the challenge.

    Accessible text gives the key characteristics of favorite machines and colorful sidebar boxes give each machine's vital statistics. Value priced, colorful and informative, this is the perfect book for all young machine enthusiasts Pack it up with Emergency Machines (9780228101123) to make a great gift.

    A Journey Through Transportation: From Hot Lava to a Spy Rocket
    A Journey Through Transportation
    From Hot Lava to a Spy Rocket
    Hardcover      ISBN: 160992956x
    Follow The Link: A Journey Through Transportation takes the reader on a journey through a network of knowledge down the centuries. It explains how we figured out the way to unlock the materials found in nature and then put them to work to transport us wherever we want to go. Cold rocks were turned into hot metals, invisible forces were picked up by carved stone--and sand and soot were used to make the toughest spacecraft ever. Find out about lava bombs, lost cities, lodestones and magnets, how the pyramids were made, who invented the coach trip, and why plumbers are called plumbers in this fantastic journey through the history of transport.
    Tales of the Rails: Legendary Train Routes of the World
    Tales of the Rails
    Legendary Train Routes of the World
    Hardcover      ISBN: 3899558456

    Jump on board a visual journey that will draw readers young and old into the magic of traveling by train, the sense of adventure and discovery as you look around at the world passing by. Learn about the trains like the bullet train Shinkansen and the most ambitious, daring and important train routes ever constructed. From Australia to Wales, each route is unique. Find out why as we travel the globe and explore the stories of the people who built, designed and ride the railways. Discover how these routes came to be and the impact they have had on history and people's lives today.